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    A little birdie dropped this into my inbox, along with some funny-
    tasting white candy. I don't mind the message, but he can keep the

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    Amiga Inc. is now taking applications for beta testers
    for AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaDE 1.1. To be eligible to beta
    test for Amiga Inc. and their third party developers,
    you must have a valid Amiga Support (AD) number and a
    signed NDA with Amiga Inc.

    To establish your AD number, go to
    http://www.amigadev.net and click the "Join Amiga
    Support" link from the right hand menu bar.

    Fill in the form as completely as possible. In the text
    fields, list any previous apps you have beta tested.

    Once you have your AD number and password, log into the
    amigadev site (right hand menu bar) and look under
    the "Legal" menu. Grab a copy of the NDA, fill it in,
    and fax it to 425-396-5660 Attn: Gary or mail to:

    Amiga Inc.
    Attn: Gary
    34935 SE Douglas
    Snoqualmie, Wa 98065


    If you are an AmigaOS or an AmigaDE developer and have
    not yet signed up with Amiga Support, we ask that you do
    so now.

    Follow the procedure above for beta testers but check
    the appropriate developer check boxes.

    If you have purchased and installed the AmigaDE, you
    will already have an AD number.


    Gary Peake
    Amiga Inc.

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    I believe the title says it all. Go ye hence, chilluns, and boogie.

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