• filesystems on amiga and or in crossdos

    From Benny Pedersen@1:2320/100 to All on Fri Mar 28 16:51:02 2008
    Hello All!

    is it possible in amiga to have some sort of cpm filesystem that works with the
    format of commodore 1571, 1581 disk formats when that is formated as cpm disks, well i know x1541 fs is done, but i like to try build for more then just
    that format :-)

    if a programmer wants to have a disk to try from i can build one and send snall
    mail, or help finding specs on track sector layout, i belive most of this needed info can be found in 22disk for msdos aswell

    22disk is http://www.sydex.com/

    Regards Benny

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