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    From Stephen Walsh@1:2320/100 to All on Thu Mar 25 15:59:24 2010
    AmigaKit.com is pleased to announce ZorRAM, a new modern memory card for Zorro 3 Amiga computers.

    The new card will be supplied with 128MB of SDRAM memory as standard. It features a low profile Zorro card and has full Autoconfig support.

    It will be available exclusively from the AmigaKit webstores within the next 6-8 weeks. Pricing will be announced shortly.

    Project Development
    During 2009, it became apparent that old Zorro 3 memory boards were scarce and consequently selling for over-inflated high prices in the second-user market. We approached our hardware partners E3B and Individual Computers with a brief to produce a modern day memory card for the A3000 / A4000 (T). After encountering many problems and employing E3B's expertise in the area of Zorro expansion development, the ZorRAM card was developed.

    We would like to thank our hardware partners for the many months of development work put into this project.

    www.amigakit.com Amiga Computer Store

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