• arghhhhh

    From Stephen Walsh@1:2320/100 to All on Sat Aug 9 04:16:44 2008
    Was happly playing around with my A3000, compiling a new Linux kernel for the beast! (It's towerd) After
    getting a brand new X-Surf network card a few weeks ago... Leave her alone, and turned off for a few days.

    Come back to the system, and she's dead jim! (Star Trek pun intended).

    Strip the hole system down to just the motherboard and riser card (So out comes the X-Surf, Cybervision 64, A2091 [Has my cdrom on it], Cyberstorm MK1 68060, 128mb ram).. Run some test's, get the nice kickstart boot screen with insert floppy.. Coool, things might workout to just be a dead Accelerator card..

    Couple of days latter (when I had the time to spare), run more test's.. Boot up with just a workbench disk, and nothing else hooked to the beast... A few minutes latter and the &^%^%$& thing has locked up frozen (cant do squat).

    Wish there was someone closer with another A3000 or A4000 to test things in (the closest I know of is MAUG [Melbourne Amiga Users Group] 120K's away.

    So I might get a working system one day... Have been sending email's back and forward to Jean in france... So half my gear is going to have to take a world trip just to get board level work done on it...
    Then if i'm lucky it's fixable...


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