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    From Dave Drum@1:2320/100 to Alan Ianson on Tue Nov 3 19:35:32 2015
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    Odd, I may be one of the few Amiga user/owners in captivity. I currently have an A-500, an A-2500/030, an A-3000T and an A-4000. If there are any other Amiga owners in here - I'm looking for a set of CIA chips for the A-4000.

    I have never even seen an amiga. Once in a while I check the local computer shops to see what they have. Last time I was in there they
    didn't even have a used PC. I'll look those up online and maybe finally see what they look like at least.

    I liked the A-4000 for a number of reasons - chief among them was the ability to use a 15 pin video connector to allow better than CGA/RGB graphics. Still was a mortar forker to get to do ethernet and/or broadband interweb with. So I did a (very) little dial-up and a lot of "sneaker-net" to get stuff.

    If you get a chance to try out an Amiga ...........

    ... "640K ought to be enough for anybody." Bill Gates '81

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