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    From Alejandro Filimonchuk@4:900/102 to All on Wed Jun 17 02:02:29 2020
    Hi guys! Being a ham myself (LU5EPI but in process of rehabilitation ;) Now
    Im not operating) I want to invite all of you to download a nice Radio
    Teletype textart collection that Ive just "curated" (from 1.700 works, Ive selected nearly 170, so its really good material to take a look).

    You could find the .zip file in the files zone of The Vault BBS (thevaultbbs.fsxnet.nz:2323) or, of course, emailing me at epimundo@gmail.com

    My ham licence expired, but Im doing the shortwave listening path right now (Argentinian Hams are very gentle and answer the SWL-QSL, thanks gods :)

    Have a nice day, Im reading you, guys!

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    & ansi-ascii art.

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