• 1W QRP tests Olivia and JS8Call

    From adrien grelet@3:633/281 to All on Sun May 24 19:29:02 2020
    Hi everyone,

    I've posted a similar message in the FSX Net too, but recently, I've tested
    to make QRP comms with my FT818 set to 1W only on HF 40m.

    I've got and EFHW antennna, I've made myself at home, and I've tested with
    some friends in Ireland and Sheitland Islands some Olivia 500,8 and JS8Call comms.

    It's working really like a charm !

    I encourage you to test QRP level comms with those mods, which seems to be
    well adapted for that.

    73 de F4IJA

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