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    From Alan Beck@1:229/426.36 to Nick Andre on Wed Jan 16 08:21:11 2019

    I have never been this impressed with BBS software. Literally 3 minutes and I was up, when I knew what to put into the password areas.

    Nice small box that I can put on my extended desktop and it just chugs away.

    You should be very proud of what you have done with this software.

    My only concern is the updating of the nodelist, but, time will tell.

    Right now I am at .11.

    I really appreciate the hourly polling and find it is enough. Maybe a bit more in the middle of the day. I don't poll you when I am awake so I don't touch your overnight feeds.

    This is actually better than having a BBS I can have all the Echo areas I want and reply to messages quickly.

    Everything is not instant like a BBS, but close enough.

    So everything is good.

    I am going to tighten up my polling for the amount of time I spend in my Ham Shack in the morning. I will slack off in the middle of the day, then I will be
    back in the Shack in the evening.

    Thanks so much for the point system. Best I have ever seen. Wish I used it a long time ago, a long time ago.

    Cheers and 73's
    VY2XU Amateur Radio

    --- D'Bridge 3.99
    * Origin: (1:229/426.36)