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    From SETH HURST@1:123/140 to ALL on Wed Jan 2 18:50:48 2019
    Hello I'm a blind user who is wanting to get into amicher radio. I do
    have a rtlsdr so I do listen. I am wondering if there is accessible
    software for a user with no site like me to start using digital modes.
    I have never done amicher radio befor accept on ham sierth Also I am
    wondering how a blind user would go about installing a upconverter and
    setting it up. Also what would you recamend I start with interms of
    digital modes or voice modes.
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  • From Alan Beck@1:229/426.36 to SETH HURST on Wed Jan 16 08:05:52 2019


    Any text mode using tones you should be able to tune with your ear and use whatever text to braile device you can use.

    RTTY is a good starting point then move from there.

    Monitoring RTTY is to my mind a good idea. If you feel mixed characters is because RTTY is straight out with no error corrections.

    To decode the tones have to be high pitched, around 2300 hz


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