• Re: Pi - Packing Message

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to Holger Granholm on Thu Dec 6 13:48:00 2018
    Howdy! Holger,

    Here is the Reply Dave wrote Me so You can see the CW in His Signature.

    11-16-18 00:28 StackFault wrote to Ed Vance about Re: Pi - Packing Message

    @MSGID: <5BEE6B3D.4293.fsx_gen@capitolcityonline.net>
    Howdy! Dave,

    Hey Ed!

    I saw "Bottomless Abyss BBS" in Morse Code (CW) at the bottom of Your signature today.

    Hehe, yes I like to hide things... it take a fine eye to see it, Bravo!

    I couldn't make out what was 'sent' at the top of the signature.

    I could see the 'S0' at the beginning of the top line, but everything
    else was covered by QRM.

    QRM can be bad some time! Then there is the little brick fall, like the expression we use in french "Passer comme une tonne de brique" which
    means S9+20 or more :)

    I've been lurking in this Echo for a long time but never noticed Your BBS ID below the signature until just now.

    I'm not hooked up to fsx for a long time, been procrastinating for some time before actually going for it.

    See you around!


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