• Re: New Evidence Of Chinese Spy Hardware Found By Ex-Mossad

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    On Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 1:09:45 AM UTC+8, Virus Guy wrote:

    One problem, according to national security experts, is that in a cybersecurity industry approaching $100 billion in revenue, very little=

    effort has been made to inspect and detect hardware tampering. This has=

    allowed intelligence agencies around the world to manipulate hardware virtually unfettered.


    What I found interesting about this motherboard hardware virus is that ever= ybody is denying it happened, even the victims, since it's classified. Som= ebody in the US government, for national security reasons, does not want th=
    e American public to know about China's misbehavior. It makes you wonder i=
    f China is really such an enemy as Trump claims.

    As the Bloomberg article said, quoting some expert, the American public mad=
    e a Faustian bargain with China: cheap prices and low security or high pri= ces and high security (for computers)? They choose the former.

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