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    Virus Guy <Virus@Guy.C0M> news:pmnbh0$shd$1@news.mixmin.net Wed, 05
    Sep 2018 01:29:36 GMT in alt.privacy.spyware, wrote:

    One thing I'd like to know about LuminosityLink is - how exactly
    does it get onto/into a system?


    After all these years, why do you still have to ask very basic

    Email link? Browser exploit? Was it that easy to get a random
    executable to load and run on remote XP/7/8 systems back in 2015?


    Of course, the somewhat larger take-home message here (besides the
    fact that we have another example of how easy it is to get malware
    to remotely run (and stay hidden) on NT-based windoze (as opposed
    to, say, 9x/me) is the fact that Google is not your friend...

    Heh, Google has many issues, and none of them are a good thing to
    have, but their compliance with court orders doesn't make them your
    friend OR foe in this particular case. You can't hold this one
    against them, sorry.

    The considerably larger take home message anyone with half a brain
    should get from your rambling nonsense and absurd security comparison
    (9x/me vs NT? really?) is that you aren't running on all eight
    cylinders and are clearly in no position to offer any sort of advice
    on any I.T related subject. It's all way beyond your paygrade.

    It's almost as if you go out of your way to show anyone who reads
    this newsgroup that you still don't know your arse from a hole in the
    ground in I.T.

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