• What's the deal with Diesel or Dustin?

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    From: Diesel <me@privacy.net>

    An individual who prefers to post via remailers that happily goes by
    the nym AnonCoward has some kind of issue with me (only in it's
    head) and somehow thinks that by flooding various newsgroups that I
    post in with completely bull#### stories (see below) and/or
    selectively taken out of context material, it can convince you to
    have a problem with me as well. Ayep, It's the grade school they
    don't like me and it's not okay if you don't have a problem with me

    These are three samples (out of hundreds) of false claims it
    makes. Going so far as to claim that they personally know people
    familiar with the details; obviously in an effort to better sell
    the story.

    MID: <3d2a9cb78212435f8d0ca9a707c6ee5a@haph.org>
    He is on probation for hosting the Melissa Virus.

    MID: <84cc91b8994db4a150e15155c499e0f5@hoi-polloi.org>
    He lied about not hosting Melissa. So why believe this lying
    ####tard when he says he was not put on probation for hosting
    viruses, including Melissa? His probation period is over, but
    he's been warned that if they EVER catch him doing the virus
    #### again, he's toast. His next conviction will result in prison

    MID: <84cc91b8994db4a150e15155c499e0f5@hoi-polloi.org>
    However, I do have a "friend" or two who are intimately
    (personally) familiar with the facts regarding his arrest
    and conviction. The(y) got him. Pure and simple, they got him.

    *** end snippit pasting.


    David Smith was fuxored in March of 1999, and they came to see him
    April 1st, 1999. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced on December
    10th, 1999. Remember those dates, they're important. :)

    Don't trust wikipedia? That's okay, there's also this:


    And there's this:

    https://duckduckgo.com/?q=irok+virus https://www.virusbulletin.com/uploads/pdf/magazine/1999/199910.pdf

    The Toadie family:

    07/05/1999 05:24 PM 18,936 TOAD10.ZIP
    07/28/1999 10:41 PM 19,619 TOAD11.ZIP
    08/17/1999 04:01 PM 28,903 TOAD12.ZIP
    08/27/1999 01:33 PM 20,803 TOAD12B.ZIP

    The IRoK family:

    02/19/2000 07:50 PM 16,579 IROK10.ZIP
    02/28/2000 10:30 PM 10,737 IROK11.ZIP
    03/08/2000 11:35 PM 20,400 IROK11A.ZIP
    03/30/2000 10:27 PM 20,445 IROK11B.ZIP
    06/04/2000 04:10 PM 18,801 IROK11C.ZIP

    As you can clearly see, I continued developing self replicating
    programs after David was busted. Had the remailers claims been true,
    I wouldn't have been able to write those nine additional viruses and
    the duckduckgo links wouldn't go anywhere.

    The virusbulletin link is obvious in and of itself. Instead of
    'dox'ing me, they'd be giving you the highlighted details of the
    raid on my house, my arrest, and whatever my punishment turned out
    being. You'll find no such article anywhere because no such thing
    ever took place.

    To further drive the point home, I asked the following questions...
    The individual who posts as AnonCoward doesn't seem interested in
    answering any of them; Despite previously claiming to know people
    personally familiar with my arrest, conviction, etc. Can we smell
    bull####? Yes, yes we can.

    Question #1:
    If I was arrested for hosting the Melissa virus, why was my
    website allowed to remain online?

    Question #2:
    Why wasn't I previously arrested for hosting other viruses?

    Question #3:
    Why after serving probation for having hosted the Melissa virus
    was I allowed to write and publish nine additional viruses on my

    Question #4:
    How was I able to write any additional viruses and release
    them on a pro virus website without violating the probation?

    Question #5:
    When all nine of my viruses, written after the author of the
    Melissa virus was busted went wild, wasn't I arrested for any of

    Question #6:
    Why wasn't I arrested when Sophos confirmed the Toadie virus,
    which was known to be have been written by me, infected and
    brought to it's knees a major client of theres one particular
    weekend? The client was Toyota Corp (Yes, the vehicle maker)

    Question #7:
    When the Toadie virus went wild and was being discussed on pegasus
    mailing lists and usenet newsgroups, why wasn't I arrested?

    Question #8:
    When Toadie (or Irok) were being discussed on alt.comp.virus and I
    was responding to various queries, concerns, wasn't I arrested for
    having written and hosted them? It was obvious I was the author of
    both families, I took full credit for both families each time they
    came up in alt.comp.virus.

    You can *clearly* see why they keep quoting posts out of context,
    and/or miscrediting posts I didn't author to me. They're also very
    good about attempting to rewrite history to give the false
    impression that I've singled out so and so at random and am just
    picking on the poor soul without any possible reason; they're
    completely innocent. That's what AnonCoward would prefer you
    thought, anyway.

    Since there's no possible way they can answer those questions
    without admitting they LIED ABOUT THE ENTIRE THING they feel that
    their only remaining choice is to distract you from my query with
    additional flooding. That way, they don't have to explain the
    completely bull#### story they tried selling many many times to the
    very people it tries to 'warn' about me. ROFL!

    No, this isn't the first time they've opted for a completely
    bull#### story to pass off, either. This is just one particular
    instance where they really screwed themselves good and I'm taking
    great pleasure in reminding them of it. :)

    To prevent yourself from being a victim of cyber
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