• Re: Dustin Cook/Diesel's Own Posts/Words Exposed Fully In Howard-Knight

    From Buffalo@1:396/4 to All on Wed Aug 1 09:07:44 2018
    From: "Buffalo" <phoney@physco.invalid.net>

    I am afraid that you have become a phschotic monster and most likely should
    be or already are, commited.
    Sad, but if your rantings help your mental condition, go for it.
    "Anonymous" <anonymous@foto.nl1.torservers.net> wrote in message news:4d82eb9741eea034078198b8e6f6f939@foto.nl1.torservers.net...
    He can deny the validity of my posts all he wants. But the fact is
    EVERY post containing his evil is FULLY shown in the Howard-Knight
    Usenet Archive. I supply all links showing the ENTIRE POST under

    His one frustrated method of endeavoring to lie his way out is to
    try convincing people not to follow the links. Once you follow the
    link(s), though, this psychotic monster is shown for his truly
    insane self. NEVER will you make the mistake BD, Rebecca, Laura, G.
    Morgan - and others made by divulging ANY FACTS about yourself
    online or via e-mail. His favorite trap is convincing his new victim
    that he is friendly and they should converse via e-mail. He makes
    "friends" merely to use against them whatever he learns about them.
    Too many of his victims have learned that the hard way.

    Why has he been relentlessly pursuing this madness over two decades?

    Because he is a psychopath. It's what psychopaths do for fun.

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