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    Just got one today in case you have your's set to manual.
    Version: 17.9.2322 Build: 17.9.3761.0

    You still get a warning when the update is set to manual. There's an >exclamation mark on the icon in the systray.

    I just checked for an Program update today and there was one. I have mine
    set to check for Program update and to notify me, but not to install.
    No notification or exclamation mark in the icon in the systray. I looked before I installed the new Program update.
    BUT, that was within minutes after I first booted, the update date was
    today, so perhaps Avast hadn't checked yet for that update.
    I usually update the defs first and then check for the Program update.
    Program version:18.12326 (build 18.1.3800.0)
    Defs: 180212.02 as of now.

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