• Dustin Cook aka Diesel Threatens AGAIN To Set Up Man's Wife For Sex

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    From: Cornelis Tromp <nobody@holland.remailer.nl>

    It is absolutely amazing no one has paid a lawyer to follow through
    with this cretin of Kingsport, TN and have him jailed, maybe even
    sued for slander.



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    ~BD~ <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in news:KICdnao69_2x5ojJnZ2dnUVZ8nmdnZ2d@bt.com:

    Methinks you gave me BAD advice when you pleaded with me not to
    report Dustin to the appropriate authorities some years ago. Had I
    done so, it would all be over by now.

    As I suspected, and G. Morgan has confirmed, BacterialDisease is
    lying his ass off in the quoted post above. G. Morgan made no such
    statements to him. This is what you expect to see an xian do, but
    certainly not something a 'christ like person' aka, a 'christian'
    should be doing.

    Logic dictates, BacterialDisease isn't a christian, but an xian!

    This is BD's way of trying to cause problems between two other
    posters that aren't exactly the best of friends. BD has run out of
    viable options. He can't get my house raided, he ####ed up and
    spilled the beans of his intentions wayyy too soon. (Patience is a

    So, his next course of action will be to lie on posters and see if he
    can get them to fight and release information that he thinks could be
    put to good use attacking one or more of us later. This is how he
    rolls. This is why his information is so freely available. one need
    only google david brooks hhi mp3 or david brooks hhi greets to see
    how popular he is.

    He mentioned the telephone number is no good, but recently invited me
    to call him to chat; as I have no other telephone number on him, one
    can only reason, he lied about the number being out of service.

    And if it has been taken out of service, it's directly due to HHI
    publishing it to millions of people with the open invite: Call,
    write, or stop by! And we meant it. You literally can, call, write,
    or stop in for a visit, anytime you like; BD won't mind. He doesn't
    really have much choice in the matter.

    He should be grateful nobodies taken said information and signed him
    up for some free trial magazine subscriptions of various.. sexual
    orientation. There's much that can be done to a person in his
    situation. How creative can you be? [g]

    I wonder if his wife would like a membership in an online one night
    stand site? Some people are into the older girls... lol

    Now, standard disclaimer applies: If anything happens to him/his wife
    like the above descriptions in the future, while I will laugh my
    ####ing ass off reading him bitch about it here and threaten me, I
    had nothing directly to do with any of it. I might have known about
    it, but I was powerless ya sees, powerless I tells you, to do
    anything about it. *hahahahaha*

    #### with the bull, get the horns!
    I don't need no arms around me. And I dont need no drugs to calm me.
    I have seen the writing on the wall. Don't think I need anything at
    all. No! Don't think I'll need anything at all. All in all it was all
    just bricks in the wall. All in all you were all just bricks in the

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