• Warning! Do NOT Ever Have E-Mail Contact With Dustin Cook aka Diesel

    From Cornelis Tromp@1:396/4 to All on Fri Feb 24 01:01:00 2017
    From: Cornelis Tromp <nobody@holland.remailer.nl>

    He does not have any great cyber skills to delve into people's lives
    and learn personal information regarding them. He uses e-mail and
    his well honed skill as a hypocrite.

    He acts nicey-nicey for a while with the victim. When he thinks he has
    enough information supplied by the victim, he begins the attack, using
    the information entrusted to him. He has done this crap to almost

    Jenn made the mistake.

    Eagle made the mistake.

    BD made the mistake.

    G. Morgan made the mistake.

    Pax made the mistake.

    Rebecca made the mistake.

    Rhonda made the mistake.

    Etc., Etc., - The list goes on.

    The Psychopathic Duck Uses Such Entrusted Info As The Victim's Phone Number: "I don't think you'll be so smug in a few weeks, Jax. PcButts talked alot
    of #### to me, until he got that phone call from me one afternoon at his
    job and a message left for him at home already. [g]"

    As for his endless spinning and denials of his own past and current posts, remember this -


    (The rest of us cried for the first time when butt-slapped by the doc delivering us. Not Dustin Cook. He told his first lie. To this day, he
    has NEVER stopped lying.)



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    Subject: Re: I love Christmas lights!
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    Bear <removebear.bottoms1@gmail.com> wrote in news:XnsA123F1BD6EAB6bearbottoms1gmail.AC@

    Dustin <die.spammers.die@nospam.nothanks.com> wrote in news:XnsA123B80024D8EB7Z317AGDTEHHI8AJ283@no:

    ~BD~ <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in

    SeaNymph wrote:
    On 12/8/2012 9:42 AM, Bear wrote:
    Aardvark <aardvark@aardvark.uk.tc> wrote in

    On Sat, 08 Dec 2012 06:37:31 -0500, FromTheRafters wrote:

    After serious thinking Dustin wrote :
    ~BD~ <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in

    Dustin wrote:

    think long and hard on how you deal with me from this point >>>>>>>>>> forward.

    I'm thinking long and hard on how best to deal with you from >>>>>>>>> this point forward, Dustin.

    I'd suggest you think long and hard on it you sorry bastard.
    You have no ####ing idea how badly I still want to break your
    nose. I've got an email David... It's a good thing we aren't
    local neighbors. You'd be in the hospital right now. You know
    that, right? I sure hope you do.

    What's this I keep reading about an e-mail? Is this e-mail
    proof of their collaboration?

    Not conclusive, no, but indicative somewhat of a conspiracy
    between a number of posters here to stalk and annoy at the
    behest of one of them who feels he can no longer indulge in such
    behaviour, possibly because of legal constraints. The torch of
    this trollery appears to be explicitly passed on to one of their
    number to 'continue your good work on my behalf'. 'Good work' in
    this case I assume to mean to troll, insult, slime and annoy
    specific posters in this group.

    It certainly goes to demonstrate the existence of some kind of
    agenda to disrupt for, apparently, no other reason than that it
    can be done with relative impunity.

    Aardvark that email sounds serious. Is there evidence of it or is
    it hearsay?


    Of course there's evidence of it, and the truth is, you know that.

    You've seen a copy?

    I have indeed. Full headers. Your own words.

    You sent it to several people. I thank you for allowing me to
    harvest their email addresses for later damaging use as at this
    point I feel your friends are helping you with me. So I'm going to
    help Jenn, Eagle, yourself and Bear a bit. I will be using the full
    resources of my whole crew for this; as there are 4 of you who want
    to play games. The crew feels they've been left out of the fun. They
    want to play too.
    :) Got Jenns primary email addy, your buddy eagles and a couple of
    others, including your buddy Bear. :)

    Well, I suppose that you must have done, to be quoting this as

    It is. :) Check your sent email box.

    Let's see the header, just to be sure. eh?

    No. I don't think I wanna share it. :) You *know* you wrote it. You
    discussed my mom and her vet practice with Bear, Eagle and Jenn. My
    crew wants to have some discussions with you, Jenn, Bear and Eagle.
    And we will, very soon.

    Jenn thinks I'm an ####### here? Just you wait. [g]

    Dustin my email address is in all my posts! Have you never looked? :)
    <shakes head>

    I don't think you'll be so smug in a few weeks, Jax. PcButts talked alot
    of #### to me, until he got that phone call from me one afternoon at his
    job and a message left for him at home already. [g]

    You can google that discussion too. You've already demonstrated that you
    can find articles. [g]

    I handed him his ass for some things he'd done here, I'll do the same to
    you soon.
    Notice: Changing the toilet paper roll does not cause brain damage.

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