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    From: 117isthename@gmail.com

    On Monday, 28 February 2005 01:37:35 UTC+3, Doug wrote:
    In my opinion, McAfee virus scan sucks. And I will tell you why. I
    have an XP running on a Pentium 4. Whenever McAfee runs it's automatic virus scan in the "background" it uses up almost the entire CPU and
    slows down the computer to the point where it's unusable.

    The people at the support site are clueless. The last thing they asked
    me to do was a "clean install." After I did everything on their list to install the program again, the problem just came back. Every time i
    talk to them, they give me some new advice that never works. Then on
    top of that I can't get in touch with any one else at the company
    besides the tech support people who can't help me. I'm sorry i paid for this crap.

    What good is a virus scanning program that renders your computer
    unusable? I would rather take my chance with the viruses!

    anyway. Just a little rant. have a nice day! :)


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