• Why do they say 'disconnect your backup from your PC' when discussing r

    From RayLopez99@1:396/4 to All on Fri Feb 17 23:58:02 2017
    From: RayLopez99 <raylopez88@gmail.com>

    They always say when discussing ransomware to disconnect your backup from y= our PC (ie an air gap), but to me it don't make sense why. Suppose you mir= ror your C: drive to your D: drive, how is that image file going to be infe= cted by ransomware? Can't you just wipe the C: drive, then reinstall the i= mage from the D: drive to get back to a point before the ransomware infecte=
    d your system?

    As a precaution, I do backup to a USB drive as well, but I don't know why t= hey suggest doing this.

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