• Message For All Sicko Duck####er Luvers...

    From Cornelis Tromp@1:396/4 to All on Tue Feb 14 13:54:40 2017
    From: Cornelis Tromp <nobody@holland.remailer.nl>

    All you tech geniuses who sit at the keyboard all day long whining,
    moaning and bitch'n about my posts and can't figure out how to use a
    kill file, here's a few pointers.

    Filter on Author with these:

    Cornelis Tromp
    Nathan Hale

    My posts aren't for the sicko Duck#### enablers presently in these
    groups. They are for the new users of these groups who will come later
    and download 'all headers' for the first time. These posts will warn
    them in no uncertain terms to avoid the psycho known as Dustin Cook
    aka Diesel - and whatever nym he later shifts to.

    Do you tech geniuses need any more help?

    Anyone want to bet these #######s will not use the filters but sit
    there and continue to whine? It's called 'rollin' in the mud'. Pigs
    understand the concept really well.

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