• A Most Daming Post From Eagle Regarding Dustin Cook & His Scum

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    Only cowards hide behind a phone call and threaten to dox innocent
    family members like you did.
    You sound like a scarred little boy who just met his first grade
    teacher, dunzel, and besides pissing Me off for having to deal with a
    satanic evil little boy, and having to watch that evil little child
    abuse the internet with his computer skills, My Wife was exposed to
    you. She never reads the crap on APSE or usenet, so She knows zip what
    happens here other than telling Her who the players are. Ever hear of
    the saying "I know I can but it would be wrong to do it"? You cross
    that line constantly. I overlooked the evil intent that is inbred in
    you and kept on ####ing with you. I never though of the possibility
    that you would go #### over heels like you did...My mistake. The big
    difference is I didn't go RL with you, just posted #### to piss you off
    and not expose your family members. That's one of the big differences
    between you and most everyone on usenet, dunzel. You also threatened to
    come over here. I'd like to see that, but that would mean you have to
    buy a few tanks of gas, or a plane ticket...one way. <g>
    I told you I have you blocked, so respect that and just move on. I want
    nothing to do with you, and being blocked, the only way you would get
    on My reader is when I open someone elses post and you are on the list
    of responders. I will delete anything from you on that list so you
    won't appear in My response.
    Now to tell you why I started posting here so many years ago. A good
    friend of mine was being harrassed by someone I've had a long running
    HATE with, and decided to defend My friend. That time has past now, and
    the damage done by you and the other nasty participants here is done.
    BD was a friend for that first few years,and because of that, the
    invaders I've mentioned several times decided to "punish" BD and dox
    not only Me, but My friend as well. That is not logical at all. Why
    should a persons friend get doxed just because they are friendly with
    You took that dox episode and took it beyond the stop line and
    re-posted the dox in your post and chuckled about doing so. Why? The
    only answer is the evil in you, dunzel. You have so much hate built up
    in you that it controls your life now, and I'd say that was sad, but
    you enjoy being evil. If there was a "keyboard kowboy", you qualify big
    time. The only time you could have had a decent chat with Me is with
    the s10 you claim to have. I asked for a pic, but got every excuse in
    the book to not show Me this s10. Same thing with the radio. You said
    you had a cheap handheld CB that you talked skip with, and I challenged
    you about that. Instead of conceding the fact that I am decades beyond
    you in Radio tech, you started claiming to be a radio tech beyond the
    level of Tesla hisself. That should have told Me I was dealing with an egomaniac and just cut it right then and there.
    I have volumes to say about this whole thing, but I grow tired of the
    RL H&D that I started in you. For that I am sorry. Had I known what
    kind of hatred you were capable of, I would have blocked you long ago.

    Respect My blocking you and just move on. I've responded to your little
    post about you calling Me, so just let it go and move on. Responding to
    this is not needed or wanted, so gloat over your little evil move, and
    get on with life.
    Block back on.

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