• Due to the overwhelming response in Duck####er's defense...

    From Nathan Hale@1:396/4 to All on Sun Feb 5 01:59:08 2017
    From: Nathan Hale <nobody@remailer.org.uk>

    Due to the overwhelming response in his defense, I find myself stunned
    and amazed. The hundreds - nay, thousands of posts defending the faggot ass-rimming queer known as Raid [Slam] aka Dustbin Cook have given me
    pause. I am near faint from the ardour, passion and total indignation
    with which those posts are filled. Never in my experience have so many
    been so outraged by the truth concerning their beloved Raid [Slam] aka
    Dustbin Cook. I am feeling a twinge of guilt because of my inciting such
    a volume of posts that is flooding this Usenet group defending their
    champion. This entire experience is truly humiliating as I see the love
    and utter respect evinced in these thousands upon thousands of posts
    defending their hero. I feel the vapors coming on. I think I must take
    to my couch and consider this incredible performance of friendship and

    - A Humbled and Dejected and Repentant Anon Coward -

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