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    Another Chapter In the Cowardly Stalker/Snitch Dustin Cook series




    Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus, alt.comp.anti-virus
    From: raids...@yahoo.com (Raid)
    Date: 26 Jun 2001 06:35:07 -0700
    Local: Tues, Jun 26 2001 8:35 am
    Subject: Re: a debate with a potential diamond in the rough (long
    again :)

    blooven <bloo...@blooven.blooven> wrote in message <news:3B37CB51.2809FF90@blooven.blooven>...

    Actually Blooven, I'm going to email your ISP some of your not
    so nice usenet posts towards myself, Pete, and the other people
    you've busily insulted.

    I've tried being friendly, even tried ignoring your stupid ass;
    But you go too far with this...

    So yes, I will forward your posts (I'm sure your ISP will
    appreciate your offtopic posts concerning french history in
    alt.comp.virus; In some countries, one might see those posts as
    incitement for racial hatred.)

    And you can accuse me of netcopping you all you like, I don't
    care. You've accused me of stealing code; then when asked about
    it, got real quiet. (I don't like playing cards with people,
    because their abilities to bluff me are usually lacking; As with
    you, kiddo). You've accused me of plotting against you,
    Spreading viruses (with no proof? Silly kid, that's a lawsuit),
    and who knows what else. You've implied a threat towards me
    where you feel Pax and myself are out to get you. We're not.

    You contribute nothing to alt.comp.virus; So yes, your ISP
    should be made aware of what you ARE doing, if someone else
    hasn't already.

    I've dealt with these kinds of woman before - they all end with
    their husbands divorcing them and filing bogus restraining
    orders and making everyones life miserable at work.

    This post has nothing to do with alt.comp.virus, is offtopic,
    and is in violation of At&T's Terms of service. :)

    they aren't professionals - No one would hire them

    I'm already a professional in the IT field. I may have assisted
    in the network installation/configuration at your high school.
    You never know. :)

    God awful threats there pete - I've seen them in action - they
    only disrupt everyones day

    You know nothing about me. An example; You posted irok as an
    "email virus" example. You had no clue I wrote the ####ing
    thing, and you did look (I must admit) like a total ass when
    Laura had to tell you. :)

    You disrupt peoples day, made silly wiseass comments towards
    them, Make racial comments towards them, and it's apparent your
    sexist too. Probably still a virgin with that attitude eh? :)

    I don't care what kind of people you perceive them as being -
    they actually are scoundrels in fact - pox calling my ISP and
    who know what this raid fool has done - but their boomerang is
    coming back to them.

    Raid hasn't done anything to you; But is now compiling some of
    your more entertaining posts, so that your ISP might have a
    laugh too.

    I don't think this is behind these idiots - not in the least.

    You clearly don't understand the definition of the word idiot.
    If you did, you might not be so quick to use it; With regard to
    your own posting behavior here.


    are you trying to undo what they have done?? pax calling my ISP
    and who knows what this idiot raid did? Are they not
    responsible for their ill advised and self destructive

    In what way is the advice i've offered here ill? What self
    destructive behavior are you talking about? Which code did I
    steal, when did I steal this code, from whom did I steal this
    code? Can you (repeat) answer any of these questions? :)

    All the people mentioned above are screwed up people - you
    wanting them as comrades is your problem not mine. These are
    self destructive people and people who have no thoughts as to
    what actions may result from their own actions.

    If you think you can shill for these clowns when they post
    threats to Federal Agents, post threats concerning computer
    systems, feel they can brag about posting FBI agents home phone
    numbers, call my ISP, email my ISP and god knows who else -

    I hadn't thought of calling them, but it's not a bad idea.

    Raid [slam]

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