• Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum: Threatens To Punch Wife's Face Until Her

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    From: Cornelis Tromp <nobody@holland.remailer.nl>

    What does this tell a sane person about the disgusting insane
    members of this group who ally with him?

    What could any poster have done to put his wife in danger of his
    being tied up and having to watch his wife's face repeatedly punched
    By Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum until her teeth fell out of her head?

    What does this tell you about the sick sob known as BD? For years he
    has allowed his wife to be denigrated over and over again in public
    by Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum. He has continued in more than a
    decade of sick discourse with Dustin Cook. Duck####er has repeatedly
    defamed his BD's dead son, even to the point of Cook swearing to
    piss on the dead son's grave. BD is 180 degrees the perfect
    companion in hell for the demented, sadistic Dustin Cook. As
    viciously cruel as Dustin Cook is, BD is his perfect masochistic
    partner with an infinite appetite for the degradation of himself,
    his wife and his dead son.

    DuckSucker now relates his favorite fantasy to DB. Tying up BD,
    forcing him to watch the cruel beating Duck####er will impart to
    BD's wife. Need I say that the eunuch BD still converses with



    From: Dustin <abughunter@gmail.com>
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    Subject: Re: Is Sea Nymph a hypocrite?
    Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2013 20:20:01 +0000 (UTC)
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    ~BD~ <~BD~@nomail.afraid.com> wrote in news:l2hts9$udc$3@dont-email.me:

    I see you've attempted to drop names in an effort to intimidate Aardvark?

    You previously referred to his children as bastards, now you publish what
    you believe to be their first names? Why do you continue to publish
    personal details on other posters? Especially when you've been told online
    and in person why that's frowned on.

    You've even admitted that Aardvark explained this to you in person and you claimed to have understood it. You've had your ####ing address , picture,
    and telephone number published for having done this personal stuff

    What will it take for you to stop? Someone (or alot of people at once) literally walking up on you in person and just beating the living snot out
    of you? Better yet, walking up on your wife or other loved one and putting
    them in the hospital for something YOU did. Yes, that would have more of an effect and I think get the message across more clearly to you.

    As when you try to out someone (me for example), you're placing others who
    may reside with me in harms way. The only way you could understand that I
    think is with this hypothetical, detailed example of a loved one. Your

    Imagine, someone restrains you and makes you watch her take punch after
    punch after punch. How many do you suppose she can take before teeth start coming out and she requires reconstructive surgery to look human again? I wonder, would they use brass knuckles for more of an effect? Sure, it's
    ####ing her up quite nicely, but the real target is YOU.

    Are you getting the message with that mental imagery ####head? As that's
    what you place others into risk of happening to them when you try to
    publish their information. So you think on that, and hug your wife tight, tomorrow could be a bad day. After all, anyone can come visit you anytime
    they like, your address, picture and previous telephone number are all
    *WELL KNOWN*. thanks to you! Ironically, that information has become google public knowledge because you tried to out somebody else (me!) a few years
    back. Paybacks a bitch, isn't it?

    When do you plan to do something about those torrents, David? :)

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