• Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum Tries "Owning" Another Woman

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    Here again the woman hating Dustin Cook keeps referring to a man's
    wife, as if that is the same as laying her. After all, this the
    reason behind the psychopath's constantly mentioning her. He feels
    it is as if he now "owns" her, and he was given this permission to
    do so by her husband who was naive enough to give this psycho her
    name in a personal email conversation. Dustin Cook has done the same
    "owning" with other women who have since left this group.

    The use of a remailer again hardly hides the fact who it is behind
    this post.


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    I'd like you to ask Trisha if the PostCard
    design is thought provoking or something that's been done
    a thousand times before. Your opinions matter to me as well
    as the other poster who has asked for Trisha and your
    comments. Your input is valued.

    Please respond. :-)

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