• Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum Threatens To "Skull####" Man's wife

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    From: Cornelis Tromp <nobody@holland.remailer.nl>

    This insane attack in which Dustin Cook used a remailer to attack
    his old enemy BD shows how horribly sick he is.

    As usual, he has the old worn out threat of "dropping dox" of some
    sort or other on his victim. "Your postcard is going to be
    distributed far and wide."

    He threatens to make the man's wife watch as he guts him. "I might
    even make Trisha watch you get stuck and gutted..."

    I'll bet BD is really ashamed of trusting this vicious psychopath
    with personal info when they first met. It seems in his emails he
    told too much about family and his wife, Trisha. This is how
    psychopaths such as Dustin Cook aka Diesel work. The pretend
    friendship in order to learn about you and your weaknesses, then
    they strike. Over and over for the last two decades we've seen
    Dustin Cook aka Diesel follow this routine. Sooner or later, he
    attacks EVERYONE. Many people have left this group over the years
    because of Dustin Cook's vicious personal attacks. They all trusted
    him in email exchanges in which they revealed things they never
    should have. NEVER converse via email with the psychopath Dustin
    Cook aka Diesel-Dum

    His post through the remailer system answers my question as to whom
    it was in the past who posted other disgusting posts purported to
    come from me, The Anon Coward. He answered that question with the
    this anti BD post.


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    David Brooks
    Jersey Cottage
    86 Granary Lane
    Budleigh Salterton
    EX9 6ER
    United Kingdom

    There's nothing you can do. Your postcard is going to be
    distributed far and wide. No mercy will be shown to you.
    ####ing your life up has become a new pet project.
    We're going to find your kids grave and repaint it for you.
    We're going to publish the resulting pictures all over
    the place, including facebook. We'll tweet all about it.

    We hate you, we want you to know what real pain feels like.
    We're out to get you. You have no where to run and no where to hide.
    You're a ####ed stalker walking. If I meet you on the street
    i'm going to bleed you out. I might even make Trisha watch you
    get stuck and gutted like the piece of #### you are.

    Next, I'll skull#### her in front of you as you lay dying.
    You wanted war, you have one. Look over your shoulder. Warn
    your police. I'm coming for you.

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