• Filthy Scum Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum Harrasses a SECOND Wife

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    This LUSER is so hard up he now has to get his jollies by phoning the
    wives of men he disagrees with on Usenet.

    How sick can a human being (if he is one) get?

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    Naturous <overthere@hers.ho> news:o39nf1$jrk$1@dont-email.me Mon, 19
    Dec 2016 22:38:49 GMT in alt.comp.freeware, wrote:

    Diesel wrote on 12/16/2016 :
    If you
    want to know what a Cyber criminal looks like today, you only
    need to look in /the\ my mirror.

    No kidding. You might add liar to your personal POV dunzel.

    Hi Eagle. I was wondering if you'd slither back or not. Fantastic
    post editing efforts too!

    I'd ask you to prove your statement, but, we both know you aren't
    able to do so. It's okay. It would have been a rhetorical question

    You might want to have your wife give you a smoke signal and let you
    know that she's about to answer the phone and tell someone you aren't
    there. That way, you aren't heard talking on the radio as she's
    caught lying outright to the person on the other end of the line.
    It's not a good way to build a friendship. ROFL! Leaves a poor first
    impression too. Gives me the idea that your wife and yourself aren't
    so different after all. I know you from usenet, I know how much you
    lie your ass off, and, I know your wife lied to me on the phone,
    right to me. straight up. LOL! Not good, David, not good.

    Just tell me she's hard of hearing and/or wasn't using her hearing
    aids and didn't know you were talking on the radio as she spoke on
    the phone? I might believe that. [g] Either you live in a relatively
    small sq ft house, or, that phone isn't far at all from your radio
    gear. The acoustics seem to indicate a small quarters though.

    Ah hell, why am I asking you, relying on a truthful answer when I can
    just checkout the specifics of your properties public records. I bet
    it's a small place...

    Or, don't key up the mic while she's on the damn phone. If you hear
    it ring, assume you shouldn't be heard talking. That way, you aren't
    putting her in such a spot. She'll still be lying for you, but, the
    caller won't know it right away.

    Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you.
    Benjamin Franklin

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