• Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Of All People - Mike Easter!

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    As he has done before - threatening people who speak with people he
    doesn't like, he attacks. Remember when Philo refused to stop
    conversing with one of Duck####er's "enemies", DuckFarter threatened
    Philo AND his wife. Here we go again. He doesn't like BD, SO NO ONE

    Here we have him complaining to Mike Easter that he better stop
    conversing with BD or "...you will get outside assistance in
    stopping." Which I guess means Dumb####-Diesel will also have to have
    to "DESTROY" Mike Easter.

    This prick is something else. Can you even begin to imagine what a
    sewer of violence is in his psychotic head?
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    "I'm starting to wonder if you think these actions will continue to be
    ignored? If you do, I'd suggest you seriously reconsider that
    opinion. *I* don't think BD needs to have his hand held. Many others
    agree with me. You have been asked time and time again to stop doing
    this. I'm not going to continue asking much longer, Mr Easter.

    Nobody wants BD armed with more information that can be used to stalk
    or otherwise cause problems for others. If you aren't willing to stop
    assisting him with these acts on your own, you will get outside
    assistance in stopping. If that's what you want."

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