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    From Anonymous@1:396/4 to All on Tue Jan 24 05:11:48 2017
    From: Anonymous <mix@mail.killinit.pw>

    Even if as he says he didn't kill anyone, what kind of ####tard goes
    around threatening people's lives on almost a daily basis?

    Even if he hasn't killed anyone, is there any doubt as to the amount
    of hatred and repressed violence this ####bag lives with day to day?

    (Wanna bet he'll now crow that the Anon Coward did not supply a proper Message-ID or URL in this post?) :o)

    - The Anon Coward (Who has slithered out from under his rock again in
    an attempt to save humanity from the Armageddon promised by The
    Duck####er aka Dusty Drag.)

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