• Bully Coward Raid aka Dustin "Dustbin" Cook aka Diesel-Dum Threatens

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    Dustin Cook aka Casio/Gremlin/Raid/Diesel-Dum + ?: Nym Shifting Coward
    of Usenet

    For almost two decades this sociopath has hidden behind nyms.

    He uses freebie news providers which disguise his IP address.

    As Gremlin he endangered a woman's life as he posted her name, address
    and city in alt.sex, inviting the perverts of Usenet to drop by for a

    As Casio [Slam] he attacked Usenet itself with viruses he had copied
    from other virus writers, endeavoring to make them more vicious and
    prevalent than the original creators had intended. All this time he
    hid behind the nyms created with the help of news providers who
    disguise the IP of their users.

    As Raid [SLAM] he continued to hide behind another nym created with
    more freebie news accounts which hid his real IP. As RAID [SLAM] he
    hosted a Web page that was filled with viruses. He posted its URL
    again and again in Usenet groups, inviting others to download not only
    his own half-assed poorly written viruses, but those of others, such
    as the Love Bug and the Melissa virus. It was Melissa which was his
    downfall. It was his arrest for this and the ensuing probation his
    p.o.s. lawyer got for him that ended his public espousing of virus writing/hosting/passing. He finally found that the FBI has means of
    getting IPs and identities from Web sites and Usenet providers that
    otherwise hide IPs and RL identities.

    To this day, this cowardly piece of dog excrement hides behind nyms,
    stalking women, threatening to break their noses, outing personal
    information on other Usenet users. He is a cowardly and dangerous
    sociopath who feels fear every moment of is life and strikes out like
    a maddened animal at anyone he thinks has slighted his insecure ego.
    The battered and withered ego problem is why he incessantly brags
    about his vaunted IQ, his deadly skill with guns, his karate training,
    and how he can destroy another human being using little else but his
    magic keyboard.

    In short, Dustin Cook is the biggest coward on Usenet. Others disguise themselves to ward off monsters like Dustin Cook. Dustin Cook hides to
    inflict as much vicious damage on as many people as possible. The main
    goal of this coward is to hide from the consequences of his deplorably
    cruel actions. His sole purpose for being on Usenet is because he is a
    COWARD in his real life and cannot handle that, so he comes here to
    get even with the world. He has no other function on Usenet. Other
    learn, communicate, and bond with a specific Usenet group. Dustin Cook
    NEVER has learned anything from Usenet. He knew it all from day one.
    Dustin Cook has NEVER communicated trutfully and honestly on Usenet.
    He is too much of a coward to trust anyone. Fear is the motivating
    factor in his life. Dustin Cook has NEVER bonded with anyone or any
    group on Usenet - for more than a few hours or a few days. He ALWAYS
    will attack anyone at the slightest and imagined provocation that
    flashes into his fevered, fear ridden brain.

    Dustin Cook is ALONE. He always will be ALONE. He is DAMNED! And he
    KNOWS this!

    --- NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2
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    Dustin Cook aka Casio/Gremlin/Raid/Diesel-Dum + ?: Nym Shifting Coward
    of Usenet

    really? you are still carrying this vendetta? furrfu...

    For almost two decades this sociopath has hidden behind nyms.

    and you are just as guilty... talk about being a coward...


    Always Mount a Scratch Monkey
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    ... Please spare me the ghastly details of your happiness.
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