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    As far as I'm aware, Jenn's visits to hospital had nothing to do with Dustin's bad behaviour.

    Ladies and Gents of Usenet -

    No matter how Dustin Cook aka Diesel, The Keyboard Coward of Usenet,
    and swine such as BD, Frozennorth, Ronnn and Shadow, who
    support/enable his sick destructive ways, try to spin and twist the
    truth, the truth is in the Google and HowardKnight Archives.

    In his post below, the filthy psychotic, Dustin Cook, brags as to how
    he was responsible for a woman's hospital stay. He then goes on to
    threaten that he will send her to the hospital again. As if this
    wasn't enough, he adds that he states he will have "no problem
    completing the mission" next time in causing her another heart attack.
    (Which by the way, is NOT why she was hospitalized.)

    And who is it that is enabling this p.o.s. Dustin Cook? Another coward
    of Usenet who has sat by for years and listened to Dustin Cook laugh
    at his son's death again and again. He also has sat still like a
    whipped dog and read a constant stream of threats regarding his wife,
    whom Dustin Cook has promised to "skull####". (A term I have never
    heard in my life. One that only a debased, evil psychotic animal such
    as Dustin Cook aka Diesel could construct.)

    And now, broken and trying to win acceptance from his tormentor, the
    broken coward BD lies, seeking some form of truce or "forgiveness"
    from the monster Dustin Cook. He says that Dustin Cook had nothing to
    do with sending the woman to the hospital. Which is true. So I guess
    he then finds it acceptable to allow Dustin Cook to think it was
    Cook's insane viciousness which sent her there. He thinks it allowable
    to see the threat made by Dustin Cook to finish her off with a heart
    attack next time and say next to nothing about Cook's threat. And yet
    he claims to be a friend of this woman.

    How do we spell E-N-A-B-L-E-R, kiddies?

    Well, we all know what Usenet "friendship" is worth, don't we?
    Especially when your "friends" are of a sick ilk such as the psychotic
    Dustin Cook and the sniveling coward BD.

    Read the following post for yourself.

    Go to the HowardKnight archive and see if what I have below is not
    accurate to the word.

    Dustin Cook is a monster.

    BD has turned into another type of monster - an enabler of a monster
    such as Dustin Cook. He enjoys the power he has attained as enabler of
    the psychotic Dustin Cook's viciousness. He has learned to subtly use
    it for his own destructive means.



    All fun aside, this is the monster who said the following about
    another human being who had the temerity to disagree with him in one
    of the Usenet groups. (And there those in the groups who think this

    DuckStools Sayeth Another Threateh:
    "Remember, #######, Jenn spent time in the hospital over the last war.
    She really couldn't handle the stress. I have absolutely no problem
    bringing her stress levels that made the previous ones a walk in the
    park. Do you suppose her heart is upto it this time? GM told me she
    had to goto hospital thinking she was having a heart attack last time
    I dox'd her. Or maybe it was the swingers sites she was signed up too.
    That probably generated a lot of unwanted phone calls, emails, and
    possible in person visits. I have no problem completing the mission
    this time.

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    As far as I'm aware, Jenn's visits to hospital had nothing to do with
    Dustin's bad behaviour.

    Ladies and Gents of Usenet -

    It appears that you enjoy talking to yourself.

    I'll have you know that burford reads every word!

    Nobody listens to a word you say - because *YOU* are the coward.

    How about Duck####ter, THE KEYBOARD COWARD, who threatened to smash
    your wife's face with brass knuckles?
    "Imagine, someone restrains you and makes you watch her take punch after
    punch after punch. How many do you suppose she can take before teeth start coming out and she requires reconstructive surgery to look human again? I wonder, would they use brass knuckles for more of an effect? Sure, it's
    ####ing her up quite nicely, but the real target is YOU."
    Hmm...so far no one has accused The Anon Coward of such cowardice

    I guess being the supporting ####### in DuckDick's psychotic
    displays on Usenet is worth more to you than your wife. After all,
    ####s like you follow his practice of insane crossposting,
    destroying one group after another.

    Didn't Dustin "Duck####er" Cook post your wife's name and addy on
    sex sites, saying she needed to get laid because she's married to a
    gonadless wonder who allows The DuckStalker to do such things to

    Hmm...sounds like YOU ARE THE COWARD, BigDumbass.

    (oops, almost forgot - didn't he promise to "skull####" your wife?
    And you're still daily posting buddies with him after all that.
    Right? Who is it that sounds like a coward, BigDimwit? The Anon
    Coward's cowardice pales in comparison to yours.)

    Oh, yeah, how about all the people he has threatened to visit, or
    have his "crew" visit, to physically harm them - always, of course,
    from the safety of his long distance keyboard? See why people are
    now accepting DuckTurd as THE KEYBOARD COWARD?

    How about DuckTurd's threat to do a drive by shooting on G. Morgan?
    From the safety of THE KEYBOARD COWARD'S omnipotent keyboard, of

    How many dozens of people has this psycho monster threatened to kill
    in the last decade alone?

    As someone posted to him a few years back, "Tell us you who you
    don't want to kill, Dustin. That should be a much shorter post."

    He's a KEYBOARD COWARD. Empty threats full of puss and hatred of his
    own life.

    Does anyone think for a moment that this p.o.s. THE KEYBOARD COWARD
    would open his filthy mouth with such threats if he were face to
    face to someone in a shopping line, or riding on a train to work?
    This p.o.s. known as THE KEYBOARD COWARD is a COWARD who shrinks
    from the Real World into his own psychotic Walter Mitty world of
    total power over others. A sure sign of a REAL LUZER in the REAL

    Have you counted the hours you have spent STALKING others? You should!

    Those hours don't amount to squat when measured against the decade
    or so in which you have daily - multi times daily - kissed his ass
    and begged him to allow you to coattail on his Usenet notoriety,
    because on your own, you are a ZERO whom no one trusts nor cares to
    even acknowledge your existence. And that is exactly why your are
    sucking up to me - more notoriety for yourself. You don't have
    single "friend" on Usenet, you LUZER. That why you have had to ride
    the coattails of the more noticeable Usenet denizens.

    One last item - everyone knows you are a snake in the grass who
    cannot be trusted for an instant, but there is one use you have had.
    You and GM with your big mouths and lack of brains have given me
    some the choicest of morsels about the Duck####ter through the
    years. Now that GM is gone, you're going to have to pull your weight
    and then some. Thanks for the Mieka tip. Neat.


    - The Anon Coward -

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