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    Those of you who are unable to use filters for whatever reason have
    most likely seen the slime posts that have been repeated ad nauseam.
    Many of these posts are infact, outright lies. One such example is
    the car bomb thread...

    MID: <cd43131ffa8b6b83c1cdee4d2394c34e@anon.holland.remailer.nl> http://al.howardknight.net/msgid.cgi?ID=149074653400
    See how the Great Lie Technique works for the DustiDragBoi? He
    "forgets" it was he who threatened to "bomb" Eagle. When Eagle
    jokingly retaliated with a threat of his own, Duck#### conveniently
    forgets he began the threat and begins a new BIG LIE.

    eagles bomb threat:
    MID: <mmrmjr$3p0$1@dont-email.me> http://al.howardknight.net/msgid.cgi?ID=143560912500
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    Subject: Re: On behalf of the guys and gals from AHM/2600...
    Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 08:02:45 -0700
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    Would you like visitor at your abode duzel? Msybe a few rounds in
    that van, or a bomb or two undr that van you din;t know about?

    Although I have kept a local copy of the message archived for several
    years now, it wasn't difficult to find via google searching, either.
    To view the entire thread in context (it's a very interesting read)
    you can follw this link:

    The threads it has taken the time to create concerning Malwarebytes
    are partial fabrications. I was not 'fired' by Malwarebytes. And, I
    had no real issues with anyone I worked with while employed by them.
    We each had jobs to do on a daily basis. My commentary concerning
    Miekemos (lead researcher for Malwarebytes) are that of a
    professional opinion concerning her skillset. It is nothing personal.
    A poster by the name of David Brooks, stalker Dave, boater dave, etc, solicited the assistance of Malwarebytes to help him crack into a
    ..zip file intended for him. Despite Miekemos and others best efforts,
    not only did they fail to extract the file contents, they incorrectly misclassified it as a non zip file. The .zip file is encrypted using
    an algorithm I originally designed on the CoCo3 and later ported to
    the PC based DOS platform.

    I did write that the present version of Malwarebytes is a pile of
    #### and should be avoided. If you insist upon installing it on your
    machine, please! ensure you have a good recent backup before doing
    so. v3x series has been a disaster for many people. As always, don't
    just take my word for this,visit their own forums and see for
    yourself. v3x was rushed to market too soon. it's been a bumpy ride
    since then. And, incidently, if you do a bit of googling and forum
    reading outside of malwarebytes own forum, you'll soon learn that
    other individuals also consider the newest flavor to be a pile of
    #### and have uninstalled it and will not use it until things are
    changed. Mainly, serious bugs addressed.

    The individual responsible for flooding this newsgroup and others has
    made other false claims against me as well. I did not write that I
    was going to shoot Pax. As the remailer suffers from reading
    comprehension skills, it cannot be expected to pay much attention to
    the attribution lines and/or header information. One need only look
    at the very post the anonymous remailing coward wrote to see a
    perfect example of what I've written above.

    I advise those of you who can, acquire an actual usenet/newsgroup
    client and you can filter the posts (depending on client) with ease.
    A single line in my case clears the screen up quite nicely.

    Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are
    too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get
    by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. - J.C. Watts
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