• Dustin Cook aka Diesel Threatens To Post Someone's Daughter's Info To

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    His speciality is posting women's names and addys to alt sex groups
    claiming they want to get laid.

    This is something he has done many times to poster's who disagree with

    He claims someone insulted him, his family, his cat, or his rusted out
    mini van, and then threatens to retaliate. He always uses the same
    manufactured fabrication as an excuse to attack someone. It never

    He is a living proof of how SICK and EVIL a person can be.
    Dustin Cook aka Diesel Posted:

    "You can't even do your own research. Laughable. I'm going to find out
    about your lovely daughter now, though. And, I won't get the details
    wrong when I share them with everyone. :)

    Be honest with me, or she's going on one night stand hookup sites for
    her local: Is she cute or dog..."
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    Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015 05:24:35 +0000 (UTC)

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    Daves not here <mail@not.here> news:ml45uc$i3v$1@dont-email.me Mon,
    08 Jun 2015 13:40:43 GMT in alt.politics.scorched-earth, wrote:

    STEVE DOHERTY [aka aardvark] wants to convince everyone that you
    threatened to shoot his kids

    That's exactly what he did:


    From: David_B <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org>
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    Subject: Re: Websites to be forced to identify trolls under new
    measures (UK)
    Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 20:45:00 +0100
    He knows I have a 9mm pistol, he knows that I know exactly where
    *he* lives and could, if I wished, take out his kids - you know, the
    ones he briefed to be careful about what they said to me when they
    came to visit in 'friendship'.

    There is no mention of any boat or boat trip in that post and you
    know it because you were here when he wrote it. The spin to an invite
    to his boat came later, when he realized he was obvious with the
    threat and it could cause problems. he was trying to prevent an
    interaction with the police. He was unable to do so. They visited him
    in person to discuss this post which was a clear threat.

    BD lied to us or he lied to the cops when he said he didn't have the
    said pistol. As he has no paperwork which allows him to be in
    possession of any handgun.

    have you arrested. The police visited you several weeks later and
    found no gun or even gun ownership papers

    BD either hid the weapon and lied to the cops, or he's lied about
    ever having one. As you can clearly see by his own post, he does
    claim to have one, by your own admission, he does NOT have the
    necessary paperwork to be in possession of one. Thank you for
    confirming that once again, BD is lying to us or the cops.

    made was found to be non criminal and was disregarded by the

    That's a lie. BD was warned against writing things like that again
    and a file exists on him at this time as a result of the interaction
    concerning threat of using a firearm and children. Nothing was said
    about a boat in the post. It's there for you and everyone else to
    read whenever you like. BD clearly threatened Aardvarks kids.

    They even appologized to you BD for the false accusation
    made by STEVE DOHERTY.

    That's something you're making up as you continue trying to name drop
    Aardvark. You don't actually know what his real name is but you wish
    you did know.

    'puter to a local ISP for free and making a complete ASS of
    himself still.

    You made a fine ass of yourself when you managed to take a fall and
    #### your tailbone up. I hope the pain serves as a good reminder of
    your incurable stupidity.

    Did your Drs tell you how ####ed you are? :)

    of years ago, and is still being written about by STEVE DOHERTY
    and his little "girlfriend" sn.

    I still think your efforts to try and be big and bad with names you
    think belong to people posting here are funny. I understand you're
    essentiall impotent and incapable of actually doing anything more
    than what you've already tried to do.

    It's very funny. I want you to know that you had me rolling in
    stiches when I read your wiseass reply that was another copy of an
    address BD already bombed with, years ago.

    You can't even do your own research. Laughable. I'm going to find out
    about your lovely daughter now, though. And, I won't get the details
    wrong when I share them with everyone. :)

    Be honest with me, or she's going on one night stand hookup sites for
    her local: Is she cute or dog ugly like jenn? I'm going to find out
    for myself and if your honest with your reply to my question, I won't
    do anything with the information aside from store it, right now.

    I'm in a good mood right now, david. I'm going to give you one chance
    to back down and stay out of things that don't concern you. If you
    don't continue provoking me further, I'll hold off on that response I
    was alluding to earlier. I should rip you a new ####### for what you
    tried to do, but I understand why you tried to do it. To a degree, I
    even respect your attack. Even though you missed, you gave it a shot
    to try and protect your friend.

    So, I give you this one chance to back off and leave things alone...I
    won't give you another chance. I'll check the date/time stamps of
    your replies in the event you miss this and go off half cocked again.
    Don't push my kindness to far though. I'm prepared to take the
    response to a much much much higher level.

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