• A Threat Of ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION From Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum

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    Tue, 11 Apr 2017 14:18:58 GMT in alt.2600, wrote:

    On Tue, 11 Apr 2017 12:46:16 +0100, "David B."
    <DavidB@nomail.afraid.org> wrote:

    Betty was right! :-) I HAVE seen this before.

    Betty has been right about him the entire time. Despite his
    apologies, she knows they are fake and he has alterior motives in
    making them. Just as he did when he responded to my post about
    copyrights and pictures. He *only* admitted he was in error because
    i'd previously posted he would be filtered from here on out. He has
    been since that post was sent out. He's pissed off about it, so he
    thinks he'll get a response (which isn't directly possible since I
    can't see his posts anymore, unless some quotes and/or emails the
    ones they think I should read; keep your enemies closer line of
    thought) by name dropping me and accusing me of things I didn't do.

    Ladies & Gents of Usenet, we all know what an astounding liar this
    piece of psycho-bleep known as Dustin Cook is. So, you have nothing
    to fear BigDumbass, he reads everything you post. How else could a
    paranoiac such as he keep tabs on his cyber "enemies". Like all
    paranoid crazies, DustiBoi "knows" if he does not keep up with
    your every move, your every post, you will be able to sneak up
    behind him and put the stiletto in his back. (The world should be so

    You've accused him of "things" he didn't do? Ha! He's done every
    damn filthy, immoral, vicious act on Usenet that can be done to
    another. It would be easier and shorter for you to tell us what this
    piece of dung DustiDragBoi Cook HAS NOT DONE!

    So, BD, you two-faced snake, it seems it doesn't matter how many
    newsgroups you have helped this impotent Dustin "Dickless" Cook to
    destroy, he's out to get you.

    Enjoy! It's your turn now. :o)

    Yes, I know about those posts where he claims I'm a liar, etc, using
    my full name. Usually done in response to one of your (any of you
    really) posts calling him out for the stalking, #######, that he is.
    It's called deflection and google ####ing; weak attempts at it.

    Here's another lie from DuckSucker. NOT ONE OF HIS BUDDIES EXCEPT BD
    tells me to leave this prick, DustiBumBumper, alone. But BigDumbass
    is the one whom Dustin "DuckStools" Cook wants to destroy.
    "Destroy", what a laughable example of Walter Dustin Mitty's
    delusions of power and grandeur.

    Infact, I've been overly concerned about the google ####ing anyhow.
    Unless you use specific search terms, I don't even come up

    This clueless ####### DustiBumBumper doesn't have a clue - and I
    ain't about to give him one. LOL!

    . The
    professional skier and some people I've never met do, instead. So,
    the anontard is once again, wasting his time effort and energy on a
    mission that can not be completed.

    Jeesh! This makes me wonder where I got the info for those thousand
    or so anon posts over the years. Hmm...I'm gonna have to think about

    Who takes somebody who uses
    elementary school name calling seriously anyway? Answer: no adult
    that I know of.

    The above from a sicko who spends his entire day on Usenet calling
    people filthy, hateful names?

    I don't mind forking this information over to the
    anontard at this point. They don't listen when I try to provide them
    sound advice, anyhow.

    As usual, when this ####### Dustin "DuckDoo-Stain" tries to go past a
    paragraph in length, he loses all coherence. Oh, wait - I forgot - I
    and everyone else suffers from a lack of "Reader Comprehension".
    Well, I guess that explains that.

    Oh, one more thing, Yes, I got the email of BD trying to claim I
    inferred that posts 'drop off' usenet with the one I wrote discussing >retention times.

    I inferred NOTHING OF THE SORT. I'm well aware that

    Okay. That's the second time. Someone explain to this semi literate
    cretin the difference between "infer" and "imply".

    some posts can still be recovered for a considerable amount of time.
    The remailer obviously uses some posts from the 90s primary for it's
    smear campaign.

    Someone tell this dumb psychopathic queerboi that the only reason I
    don't use posts before the '90s' is because he has said over and
    over that it is past history about which no one cares.

    So, I now try to stay current. Even to the point of "commenting" on
    current posts and in current threads. I hope DuckBoi is happy
    now that I am following his advice.

    And, I think I may know who's behind the remailing
    now too.

    How in the hell did he find that out? I stopped using PGP when he
    "cracked" PGP and resolved my ISP from my PGP sig. Phil Zimmerman is
    still scratching his head over that one. But I told him not to feel
    too bad about that. After all, The DuckPrevaricatorExtrodanaire, has
    an I.Q. of 380 on the Einstein Scale. And would a
    CyberPsychopathicPrick lie about such a thing? (No comment.)

    Looking over some old posts, I couldn't help but notice a
    particular user got busted trying to forge a post of mine, but,
    managed to ####up when they posted under their own usual handle with
    matching (No kidding) header information to the fake posts that were
    supposed to be from me.

    How interesting. And how perceptive for a LimpDickTard who suffers
    from a psychopathic ####ed up brain. Quite an accomplishment for a
    low life DuckAssKisser.

    If it turns out that information is solid,
    the semi regular individual of this newsgroup is going to get a very
    harsh lesson in proper manners, and, an opportunity to demonstrate
    some actual hacking skills, else, I'm going to own them AND EVERYBODY
    they are related to, irl. What I've done to BD and so far to Eagle
    will pale by comparison. I'm done playing around with various people.

    This Walter Mitty of Usenet DID NOTHING to BD or Eagle. He used his
    credit card with Intelius.com to find out all of Eagle's info. He
    did this because Eagle gave away his ham radio call sign on Usenet.
    All one had to do is look up the call sign on the Web and they would
    get name and addy. After that, enter your Visa info into a site such
    as Intelius.com, you can get a complete dossier on the person. But
    of course, the braggart LIAR, DuckBoi, claims he hacked it.
    This asswipe LUZER couldn't hack his way out of his own full diaper.
    His mama probably still does that for him. HE'S A FK'N FRAUD!

    As for "owning" anybody or anything, this f'k tard owns nothing.
    Take a look at that pic of this near falling over skeleton of a
    LUZER in that van pic. He can't even hold himself upright. He can't
    even hold his bony fingers straight in that asinine 'V' hand sign.
    Look at the top of the van, where the racks are. RUST! It's a f'kn
    $250 piece of salvaged junk. HE'S A LUZER!

    I'll make an example out of this individual that will make
    everybody >rethink any stupid decisions concerning me they have in

    Tell him to give me a phone call first so I can be ready for my
    destruction. He does know how to dial a phone. After all, he's very
    practiced in calling up women relatives of his enemies and threatening
    them. He's a real tough guy this DuckFart - with women, cripples and
    the elderly, that is.

    about to get very real for a select few individuals. and, nobody can
    say they didn't have this coming, or, that I went too far. No, ####
    that ####. I haven't either. I've put up with the anontard for a few
    years now. Enough is enough.

    "A few individuals"? As usual, DuckFart is looking for another
    excuse to go after other people he considers his enemy. I guess, as
    usual, some innocent parties "asked" for it by not kissing his ill
    wiped bottom, or because they won't bend over, holding their ankles
    while DustiDragBoi goes to work on their bum.

    He's "put up" with me all this time? Hardly. DuckFart would have
    outed me and did his thing a long time ago. He can't. He is now
    using his FEAR MONGER TECHNIQUE, which is to scare the hell outta
    somebody by having them think he has somehow accumulated some power
    or other over them.

    While I'm very much a grayhat by nature and am! one of the good guys,

    One of the good guys? This ####### has been stalking certain people
    for YEARS on Usenet. Always over the same thing. He has spent almost
    a decade hounding the same people over the same nonsense that is a
    decade old. HE'S INSANE!

    I'm not somebody you can walk all over either. retired does NOT mean,
    forgot how to get down and dirty.

    He didn't forget anything about his Casio, Gremlin or Raid days. He
    still uses the same threatening, hateful posting of addys, phone
    numbers, names of family and forging posts to pervert sex sites,
    using the names of innocent women.

    Retired? Hardly. He gets more evil everyday. He'd still be
    writing/passing viruses but knows if the feds come after him again,
    he's done. His record from the Melissa matter will be taken into
    account, and he'll end up being the one holding his ankles for some
    guy name Bobby Joe in some prison.

    Many of my hpavc peers called me a
    dangerous as #### lone wolf for a very good reason. And, a few people
    are about to learn that, first hand.

    Walter Mitty speaks again: "#### Lone Wolf".

    What a delusional psycho.

    DEL (Deleted crap talk from that ####### shadow.)

    I'd go with both. It's obvious he has a drinking problem. He was
    quite pissed? about me finding out about it as well as being able to
    semi prove it.

    Here we go with the horrible habit he has of seeking to destroy
    another's reputation. This ####### DuckStools started IMPLYING that
    BD has a drinking problem some time ago. Little by little he
    increased the lie until he now has "proof" that it is true. This
    psychopath's viciousness knows no end.

    He has also done the same type of reputation destroying lying about

    This bastard Dustin Cook is the most malevolent, evil, inhuman piece
    of excrement I have ever come across.

    He, of course, will interpret this to mean I am again defending BD.
    He has made this mistake before. He is so evil and twisted, he does
    not realize that because one "defends" another using the truth about
    a matter, does not mean they are "defending" them, nor "on their
    side". Truth is a concept totally beyond Dustin Cook's psychopathic
    mindset. He wouldn't recognize it if it could be bought off the
    shelf in a plainly labeled box saying "TRUTH".

    Well, prove about as good as one can via this medium,
    anyhow. I was able to inflitrate his rl circle of friends.

    Wow! Gawd! The hacker genius from hell has INFILTRATED BD's circle
    of friends.

    This #######'s delusions, colored even further by his willful and
    appalling lies, know no bounds.

    I guess he did this on his "business trip" to the UK. Remember that
    crock of bullcrap?


    His buddy David Eagle is up #### creek without a paddle, too. I
    honored his request to back off after the doxing exchange a couple of
    years ago. When I dox'd his tree, but, good, without the assistance
    of anyone else (I didn't even tell ANYBODY what I was upto, so he
    can't fault ANYONE here for what happened) or a credit/debit card,

    A credit card is exactly what DuckFart HIMSELF used at either the
    Intelius site or another just like it.

    This dumb #### couldn't hack the Yellow Pages.

    I know this for a fact because of the ignorant maundering he comes
    up with as to how I get my anon posts info.

    He's a FRAUD!

    didn't want to keep going with me. I agreed to let him slink off,
    wounded, instead of destroyed. Awhile later, when the anontard fired
    up again, Eagle decided it was time to step back onto the battle
    field and take a pot shot at me. Clearly, it was a vindictive (but
    very stupid) move on his part.

    DuckTurd is NUTS. Destroyed? Wounded? The impotent DustinDuck did
    NOTHING except post personal information regarding Eagle and his
    kin. BIG FK'N DEAL!

    However, in the case of the women he outed in sex groups and Web
    sites, he put these women in great danger. As I previously have
    said, if anything such as rape of murder would have happened to
    those women, Dustin Cook would have bragged for the next decade
    about his "powers" of being able to destroy people's lives.

    The above means this psychopath, Dustin Cook, was ready to sacrifice
    another person's life for revenge. These matters of his "dox'ng" has
    nothing to do with his "expertise" at hacking, but only because he
    has a credit card and stumbled upon sites like Intelius.com, which,
    if you pay them enough, will give you all publicly available
    information about someone.

    Do you really think this asswipe found every single relative of
    Eagle's, plus addys and tons of other public info because of his
    "hacking" abilities. No, he didn't. HE'S A LIAR.


    DuckBoi accomplishes NOTHING with his "DESTRUCTIVE" dox dropping.

    He's a FRAUD! He's little more than a sick, perverted FEAR MONGER.

    MID: <XnsA753A85CA26DDHT1@xHsvu9TKjmH2cj8Buwpf23Rg7DA.Tp1u5j7K9Vzb>

    That shows not only his comment concerning backing down, but, my
    Eagle said: ( http://shorturl.at/brMTW )
    " BTW, this will be the last post with you on this NG. The folks
    here have better things to do that put up with your mangy ass."
    Here again this piece of dog doo, Dustin Cook, twists the truth.

    Eagle did not "back down". Eagle realized how DuckTurd was again
    ruining another group with his hateful crap posts, and decided to
    get out of that group. He did not say he was leaving Usenet. He did
    not say he was through insulting DuckDumb. He said he was merely
    leaving home.repair because of the OT posts he was generating
    arguing with DuckFart.

    Matter of fact, Eagle is still telling DustiDunzel what he thinks of
    him, but just not in home.repair.

    See, kiddies, how this lying piece ambulatory excrement known as
    Dustin Cook twists, distorts the truthful meaning of any situation?

    And, true to my word, I meant every single word of it. I let
    him go once when I shouldn't have.

    True to his word? When the f'k does anyone remember that happening?

    Let him go? He didn't let Eagle go. Eagle did the right thing by
    putting a stop to his OT posting in home.repair. He's still in all
    the other groups he uses. He tells dunzel exactly what he thinks of

    He's not getting a walking pass
    this time. I'm going to do to him what I knew I should have done the
    first time he wanted a cease fire. Some people you just can't
    teach...He clearly did NOT learn his lesson when I dox'd the Eagle
    tree in response to his taking a shot at me and involving family
    members who had nothing to do with the problem he and I have. It was
    all fun and games when they dox'd people right and left thanks to an
    obituary post. Now, it's my turn.

    I'm the one who posted the obituary post. But of course,
    DustiDunzel, will use it to attack another more convenient target or

    It's hilarious how he promises further retaliation. What more can he
    do? He's shot his wad with the dox'ng. All that's left to do is what
    he promised to do to BD and Wife: post them in the perv groups and
    sites asking for sex pervs to visit them.

    This fraud Dustin Cook has no power outside of FEAR

    Sorry about the 'wordwall' (that isn't), but, that's how things are.
    And by isn't a word wall,

    It's "word wall" was derived from his utter frustration of being

    He has no power over his own real life. A life that is a hellish
    mess of mental illness. A life he is powerless to make sane and
    useful. This sadistic animal suffers more from his psychopathy than
    do the "victims" of his sickness.

    DEL (Deleted meaningless word wall crap.)

    I've tried and tried to just let it go, but, sometimes, you do
    have stand up for yourself and deal with the bully aggressor in
    a language they understand and will not soon forget.


    If anyone ever disagrees with him to almost any extent, he
    immediately begins screaming hateful crap and threatening them.

    Don't you love the above bunch of delusional crap about others
    being the bully aggressor, not him.

    Oh sure, this is the guy who daily threatens to drop dox, put a
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    bullet in someone's head, lying about someone being a drunk, and
    calling women ####s half the time.

    How do we spell N-U-T-S, kiddies?

    - The Anon Coware (And I DO approve of this message.) -

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