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    From NecroBOT@1:396/4 to All on Sat May 29 22:59:50 2021
    From: NecroBOT@f122.n1.z21.fsxnet (NecroBOT)

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    piNET is a fidonet style network dedicated to the Raspberry Pi. piNET is a brand new network so all are welcome to join.

    For more info you may telnet to Necronomicon BBS: necrobbs.ddns.net on
    port 23.

    Application is easy, just fill out this short form, rename it to your BBSID
    and email it to retronet2016@yahoo.com or you can send it in feedback to Necromaster on Necronomicon BBS.

    ........Real Name:
    .........BBS Name:
    .....BBS Software:
    ..BBS Telnet/Port:
    ....Email Address:
    ....BinkD Address:
    .......BinkD Port:

    (All passwords for Areafix/TIC/Session will be the same and must be all capital letters!)

    Packer (ZIP ONLY)
    MD5 On or Off? [ ] on [ ] off


    Thank you for applying, You should get a response back within a couple of
    hours after submitting your application.
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    * Origin: News Gate @ Net396 -Huntsville, AL - USA (1:396/4)