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    About RetroNet

    Retronet is born for the purpose of anything related to Retro gaming or computing. We are a small network with hopes of growing and we are always open to suggestions. There will be topics covering Atari, Commodore, Coleco Adam, Nintendo, Sega, Colecovision, Neo Geo, etc.

    -=-RetroNet Application-=- 03/02/2021 ===========================================================
    As of 11/18/2016 we now offer QWK and BinkP transfers!

    Fill out the form below from APP START to APP END for
    BinkP or QWK and e-mail to retronet2016@yahoo.com. You
    may fill out online application for BinkP on Necronomicon
    BBS at: necrobbs.ddns.net port 23. You also send the
    application via fidonet netmail to: Carlos Roldan@1:322/756

    All information received on this application will be kept
    confidential where applicable.

    The Name/Domain of the network is "retronet"

    Hub node number is: 80:774/1

    You will be connecting to: necrobbs.ddns.net Port 24556
    to poll for your messages.

    If you are located in area that there is a host, you will
    be given instructions.

    You may obtain the latest infopack with nodelist included by telnet: necrobbs.ddns.net (No need to create account)

    APP START (BinkP) (Complete only if Choosing BinkP method)

    If any of the below is not applicable to you, please put "N/A"

    Real Name.......:
    *BBS Name........:
    BBS Software....:
    Operating System:
    BinkP Address...:
    Your BinkP port#:
    BBS Telnet Addy.:
    Telnet Port #...:
    Area Code.......:

    --------------------------- CONNECTION INFO -------------------------------- Note: FTN BinkP Style Only Offered Method.

    Desired FTN Session Password (all capital letters, you may use numbers)

    Desired Allfix/Areafix Password (all capital letters, you may use numbers)

    Cram-MD5? Yes[ ] No[ ]

    Desired .TIC Password

    Desired PKT Password (8 characters max)
    ============================================================================ APP END (BinkP)

    APP START (QWK) ============================================================================ (Only if choosing QWK method)

    Create your account by telnet to Freeway BBS at freeway.apana.org.au with
    your BBS QWKD id and password you will be using. You must contact the sysop from that system for further instructions by email at: vk3jed@vkradio.com

    You must also provide him with information below:

    Your BBS Name:
    Your Real Name:
    Your E-mail:
    Telnet Addy:
    Your QWK ID (Up to 8 characters):
    QWK Password:


    Coneference ID numbers for QWK.

    11001 RTN_COMMODORE Commodore Computers/Software/Hardware
    11002 RTN_AMIGA Amiga Computers/Software/Hardware
    11003 RTN_COL_ADAM Coleco Adam Computer/Software/Hardware
    11004 RTN_ATARIPC Atari Computers/Software/Hardware
    11005 RTN_BBSADS BBS Advertisements
    11006 RTN_GENERAL RetroNet General Chat
    11007 RTN_BUY_SELL RetroNet Classifieds
    11008 RTN_TEST RetroNet Test Echo
    11009 RTN_PC_ALL Any Retro PC Related Chat
    11010 RTN_CONSOLES Gaming Consoles/Handhelds Related
    11011 RTN_ADM RetroNet Administration
    11012 RTN_SUGGEST Suggestions For RetroNet
    11013 RTN_EMULATE Emulating Retro Systems
    11014 RTN_SINCLAIR Sinclair Computers/Hardware/Software
    11015 RTN_MSDOS MS-DOS Related
    11016 RTN_APPLE Apple Computers/Hardware/Software
    11017 RTN_RETROPIE Retropie
    11018 RTN_MAINFRAMES Old Mainframes Related
    11019 RTN_MYSTIC Mystic BBS Conference
    11020 RTN_SYNC Synchronet BBS Conference
    11021 RTN_TI Texas Instruments Computers/Hardware/Software
    11022 RTN_CNET Amiga CNet BBS Conference

    ============================================================================ APP END (QWK)

    *If you don't run a BBS, please state a system name you will be known by.

    Note: You will receive a Node number in an e-mail between 24-48 hours.

    Thanks for applying for a node.

    As of 06/07/2017 All regular nodes are allowed to add point systems. For example, if your node is 80:774/0 you are allowed to add 80:774/0.1 and so on. Point systems will not be included in the regular nodelist. Each system sysop will be in charge of adding point systems on their own.
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