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    New IRS Scam Coming Through the Mail

    Dear Ben,

    SCAM ALERT: We're hearing of a new twist to the IRS imposter scam: it's now coming through the US Postal Service.

    How it Works:
    * You receive an official-looking letter from the IRS saying you owe taxes related to the Affordable Care Act. The notice is labeled CP2000 for tax year 2015. The letter instructs payment be sent to the "IRS" care of an Austin, Texas post office box.

    What You Should Know:
    * If the IRS issues a notice under CP2000, it's when income or payment information doesn't match the information reported on your tax return. A legitimate notice will provide a number for you to call and a way to resolve the issue. Also, payments wouldn't be to "IRS" but rather to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

    What You Should Do:
    * If you get a notice like this but doubt its integrity, contact the IRS at 1-800-366-4484.a
    * This same scam runs through email. If you get an IRS notice by email, delete

    it immediately; IRS will not reach out to you by email, nor will they call demanding payment.a
    * Report it to the Federal Trade Commission's complaint center.a http://action.aarp.org/site/R?i=Btyv8xkNqmA-T8mHrkWXUg

    * If you receive the fake IRS letter, report it on the Fraud WatchNetwork's scam-tracking map.


    Please share this important alert with friends and family.

    Kristin Keckeisen
    Fraud Watch Network

    P.S.aSpotted a scam?a Tell us about it.a Our scam-tracking map gives you information about the latest scams targeting people in your state.a You'll also

    find first-hand accounts from scam-spotters who are sharing their experiences so you know how to protect yourself and your family. http://action.aarp.org/site/R?i=1E0KaoMCoiWpbTDBuQkOdw

    The AARP Fraud Watch Network connects you to the latest
    information about ID theft and fraud so you can safeguard your
    personal information and your pocketbook.

    Visit the site >

    Get help:
    If you or someone you know has been a victim of identity
    theft or fraud, contact the AARP Foundation Fraud Fighter Center at 877-908-3360.


    Share this alert with your family and friends so they know
    how to spot the common strategies scammers use and have the tools they
    need to defend themselves against their tricks.

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