• Be Wary of Storm Damage Contractors

    From Hawke@1:2320/100 to All on Mon Oct 17 23:34:50 2016
    I am speaking from years of experience in Law Enforcement... be wary of predatory contractors after storm damage. There was a group that we called "the Irish Travelers" that always arrived on the scene whenever a bad storm hits our neck of the woods. But there are groups like the Irish Travelers
    all over America.

    Whenever there was a severe storm, the IT's would go to the area effected. They would go door to door searching for vulnerable, trusting people. Especially the disabled or the senior citizens. They would be charming and sell their services on the fact that they want to help someone on a fixed income. I've heard the story dozens of times.

    They would want half of the money up front and would often begin the work... after a day or so they would come up with a reason why they need more money
    and when they extract all they think they can extract from their mark they would leave the job undone and abandon the person they allegedly helped.

    Whenever selecting a contractor make sure they are registered with the local chamber of commerce. DO NOT USE someone who can not prove ties to the community.

    Anytime you invite someone in your home to do work make sure they are insured and preferably BONDED.


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