• Orlando Shooter --- Something's not right

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to All on Thu Jun 16 09:20:02 2016
    The Math That Doesn't Add Up:

    A man walks into a night club with an AR-15, shooting 103 people in under 7 minutes at 2am. The majority of the victims were shot multiple times, some
    as many as 2 times, with reports of several dozen rounds fired in the air and several dozens of rounds missing. 3 hours later, engages in a gun battle
    with 9 trained police officers, most of them SWAT officers mind you, that
    lasts nearly an hour.

    So let me get this straight... one lone shooter in under 7 minutes reloaded
    his AR-15 30 times with 30rd magazines fireing nearly 1,000 rounds of .223 ammunition while in a nightclub surrounded by 320 people, managed to kill 1/3 of them before taking a 3 hour break and engaging in another gun battle
    lasting nearly an hour that was described as a "hail of bullets" with a
    trained SWAT team?

    Having many years of experience with AR-15s, and similar weapons both
    civilian and military, it would take me nearly 7 minutes just to reload 30 times, let alone having to aim and shoot 1,000 rounds semi-automatic
    (meaining the trigger must be pulled for each bullet. The AR-15 is not an automatic "machine gun") firing dozens of rounds in the air screaming "Aloha Snack Bar" and calling 911, and the local news media to make sure they know he's pledging his allegience to the ISIS flag.


    Let's not even mention the fact that he managed to have 30, 30round AR loaded Magazines at the ready to use. The term is magazines not clips (a clip is what is what holds the bullets together on machine gun rounds). If he's holding
    an ammo can in one hand (that weighs 40 pounds) that is no small feat and that's aproximately the amount of ammunitiion he carried in the club. Not to mention the Magazines add about one pound each to the eqution so 30 of them would make a 70 pound load of ammunition he carried in.

    Furthermore how could he carry all that stuff efficiently... either he
    brought it in on a wheelbarrow or he had one hell of a tactical vest that
    could hold 30 magazines at the ready. SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT. Either he had help, or he had loaded magazines already stashed in that club... something isn't adding up. He does not look like a trained navy seal or a special
    forces soldier... those are the only guys I know of that could probably pull something like this off.

    Either the press is grossly overestimating things (not likely because of the body count and the injury count) or this person had help. I think we need to be looking for more suspects.

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