Directory Name File Count
ADM: Daily Fidonet Nodelist 200  files
ADM: Weekly Fidonet Nodelist in ZIP form 95  files
ADM: Weekly Fidonet nodediff in ARC form 94  files
ADM: Weekly Fidonet nodediff in ZIP form 94  files
ADM: Weekly Fidonet nodediff in LZH form 94  files
ADM: Coordinator Tools and Utilities 14  files
ADM: Daily Fidonet Nodelist in UTF-8 101  files
ADM: ZoneHub appointed spokesperson/robo 3  files
FGW: FileGate Info files, FAQ's, 2  files
ECH: Echo Conference Rules, Moderators, 32  files
FidoNet: Weekly FidoNews Newsletter 147  files
MAC: Utilities for Mac OS X 3  files
MAC: Internet and Web Related for Mac OS 1  file
MAC: Miscellaneous files for Mac OS X 1  file
BFDS: Batch programming/Support for 4  files
CH: Freeware and open-source BBS doors, 1  file
CBC: Cobol compiler updates such as Open 13  files
DB: Weekly infopacks for DBNET 2  files
DB: Weekly DBNET nodelist 11  files
DB: Weekly DBNET nodediff 11  files
DB: D'Bridge Software releases 62  files
FM: Filemgr File Processor for DOS 4  files
FGA: FIDOGAZETTE: Alternative Fidonet Mo 142  files
FW: OS/2 miscellaneous applications 31  files
FW: OS/2 communications, terminal emulat 15  files
FW: OS/2 drivers, including WINOS2 9  files
FW: OS/2 fonts & font manipulation utili 1  file
FW: OS/2 games 8  files
FW: OS/2 graphical items and utilities 5  files
FW: OS/2 information, lists etc. 5  files
FW: OS/2 general programming 59  files
FW: OS/2 REXX programming 7  files
FW: OS/2 system utilities 15  files
FW: OS/2 high-level utilities 27  files
FIPN: Weekly ARGUS.TXT auxiliary TCP/IP 94  files
FIPN: Weekly BINKD.TXT file includable b 2  files
FDN: Legion Beta Releases 15  files
FDN: Legion News & Updates 1  file
NASA: Earth & Space Science Material 561  files
NASA: Daily graphics forecasts for N.Ame 1  file
MBSE: MBSE BBS for Unix 4  files
MYS: Mystic v1.X Utilities (external pro 4  files
MYS: Mystic V1.X Other files for Mystic 2  files
ODD: Send files to Coordinator 4  files
ODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both 36  files
ODD: League info packs 70  files
ORE: Software by Erik Oredson 4  files
PAS Pascal-Net related files and tools 525  files
PAS Pascal-Net DIFF-files 81  files
PAS Pascal-Net Nodelists 81  files
PAS Pascal-Net Pointlist 194  files
PAS Pascal-Net Info, .nf & .na files. 20  files
PDN: Basic Related 15  files
PDN: 'C' Related 4  files
PDN: Java development 3  files
PDN: Other Languages 2  files
PDN: Technical specifications and FAQ's 1  file
PDN: UNIX related 5  files
PDN: Windows related 1  file
PDN: Python Misc. files 2  files
PDN:Go Game Developement libraries 3  files
R50: BinkD - new IP mailer 6  files
R50: GoldEd Editor 5  files
R50: Multiplatform FidoNet software 4  files
R50: Unix FTN files 1  file
R50: Current R50 Russian Echo list 4  files
R50: Current R50 Russian file echo list 1  file
R50: Official ECHO for FECHO HUB info R5 4  files
RAR: Main dist for releases/public betas 22  files
SDS: FidoNet Technical Standards Committ 15  files
STN: St. Louis nodelists 141  files
STN: Pointlists, Information Packs, Etc. 227  files
STN: STN Region 6000 Files 156  files
UTIL: DOS End User Utilities 2  files
UTIL: Linux utilities 6  files
WIN_FDN: Communications 18  files
WIN_FDN: Internet & Web Related 1  file
WIN_FDN: Miscellaneous 2  files
WIN_FDN: Applications And Utilities 5  files
WIN_FDN: Anti-Virus software for Windows 166  files