• Ed Schultz RIP

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    Hello Everybody,

    Former MSNBC host and political commentator Ed Schultz
    has died at age 64, of natural causes, in Washington DC,
    according to WDAY-TV, the Fargo, North Dakota station
    where Schultz got his start in show biz.

    Schultz played football for Michigan State University,
    and got his start at WDAY-TV, doing play by play for college
    football from 1989-1996. From there, he went on to political
    commentary in the 1990s with various regional radio broadcasts
    in the Midwest.

    He hit it big on April 6, 2009 when MSNBC signed him up,
    his show running for six years, ending in 2015. From there,
    he went on to continue his show on Russian TV.

    Ed Schultz, RIP


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