• Making Shit Up

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to mark lewis on Tue Dec 27 02:01:56 2016
    Hello mark,

    I think that yes FTSC-0009 should be edited a little closer for

    one problem is knowing what the original author actually intended...
    we know what he wrote... whether that is what he meant or not is
    another matter... considering the date of the document and that there
    is only revision 1, it very well could be that he did write what he
    intended so as to not cause problems for existing software that didn't
    or couldn't implement both protocols...

    But now I'm not so certain that if I did help with some of the
    documents if I would be appreciated or if I would be further

    welcome to my world where i get accused of making shit up...


    I make shit up all the time. Sometimes without ever realizing it.
    But most times on purpose. Is that any different that what others
    do? I don't think so.

    Most people do exactly what I do, only without thinking. That is
    the difference between me and them. I know what I am doing, and
    they do not. Or at least most times, as on rare occasions I do
    make mistakes. Not that you would ever notice.

    The Framers of the US Constitution intended their words to be
    meant a certain way. But others have interpreted things much
    differently. Is any document written by an original author(s)
    frozen in time, with only the original author(s) interpretation
    vallid? How does anyone know what the original author(s) truly
    meant or intended? Since that is an obvious impossibility, the
    only alternative explanation is the US Constitution is a living,
    breathing document, changing over time. It means what it does
    to those who are living at the time.

    What did Tom Jennings want? What was his original intention?
    He is an admitted anarchist. As such, what kind of order would
    an anarchist want or desire?

    I do not give a flying fuck what Tom Jennings wants. He is not
    here. He left the building long ago. Just like Elvis. He left
    no constitution what others must abide by. No rules or anything
    else. He just left without ever saying goodbye.

    Am I right, or am I right? Or do you think I am making shit up?


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