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    Hello Everybody,

    Watching people at Caf‚ du Monde in the French Quarter
    can be a fascinating experience. Especially those who
    sit at a table and use a fountain pen to take notes of
    whatever they are doing. What few Americans who used
    a fountain pen to write did so by posting their pen
    in order to write. Europeans never posted their pens,
    preferring to hold the cap in their non-writing hand.
    It didn't seem to matter if a European was from France
    or Spain or Italy, or even from England. They always
    chose to hold the cap in their non-writing hand as
    they held the fountain pen in the other to write with.

    Reminded me of Linus and his security blanket in the
    Peanuts comic strip. What would Linus have ever done
    if he had lost his blanket?

    Maybe Europeans hold the cap in their non-writing
    hand as insurance to protect themselves from having
    their fountain pen stolen from them. I mean, what
    good would a fountain pen do for a thief without a
    cap to keep the ink from leaking out?

    After a while, I got tired of sitting around watching
    Americans and Europeans piddle with their fountain pens.
    Went to a Chinese take-out fast food place in Bourbon
    Street and noticed Asians were more like Europeans
    in the way they treated their fountain pens.

    I really am not sure why this is so. Could it be
    there are actual differences in writing cultures that
    cause Americans, Europeans, and Asians to treat their
    fountain pens differently?

    Nobody has ever asked if they could borrow my fountain
    pen. Not many Americans even know what a fountain pen
    is, or how to use one. So even if somebody did ask, I
    am not sure if I would let them.

    And then there is the question of ink.

    When I was a kid, I got a small bottle of india ink
    and left it out on the kitchen table. I had got it
    into my mind that I was going to be a comic strip
    artist, and I was all set to go, needing only to find
    a suitable pen and some paper to write on. With india
    ink, you have to use a quill, dipping the quill into
    the ink in order to draw. Do that on the kitchen
    table and try not to knock the bottle onto the floor.
    I'm just glad somebody else had to clean up the mess.


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