• Military Conscription

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    Hello Everybody,

    Get out your gear, Bj”rn! Your country needs you!


    Military conscription has returned to Sweden.
    After just a seven year hiatus. All thanks to
    Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea.

    Will the rest of Europe be far behind?
    What about the good ol' US of A?

    Will the American president do a Neville Chamberlain
    and give Vladimir Putin what he wants? Well, we all know
    he is no FDR, and definitely does not smoke cigars (like
    Winston Churchill). Perhaps he'll just fold and do away
    with all those sanctions his predecessor imposed upon
    that naughty Russian devil. Protect those oil fields in
    Siberia so that Exxon can do some drillin'.

    Not to worry. Those Swedish boys and girls will come
    to our rescue, being trained to hunt bear in the Arctic.
    Not so sure it will do me much good though, as I live
    in a swamp, in very humid conditions.


    Make Sure Your Next Erection Is In Safe Hands

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