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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sun Apr 23 20:51:12 2017
    Hello Everybody,

    Holger wrote to Björn in a sysop echo that is accessible to all -

    -=begin quote=-

    Hej Bj”rn,

    Nope, I check every issue as it arrives on monday, and mostly it
    contains only the "ad" about the JAMN network and the usual stuff
    about nodelist stats, availability and list of IPv6 nodes.

    So, what's your excuse then for not having made a single
    contribution to our ezine during all those years that you've had a
    free subscription to it?

    And what is your excuse as editor for the "magazine" for not creating,
    or getting somebody else to create some interesting content.

    Many years ago, the head honcho (there were several) for Fidonews, did
    create contents, or got somebody else to do it.

    Ha en bra dag,


    And in response Björn wrote to Holger in the very same sysop echo
    that is accessible to all -

    And what is your excuse as editor for the "magazine" for not

    Sorry, but I must stop you right there.

    Editor does not equate to being main contributor. The editor may write editorials, but only if there's some issue to write about. The editors
    main job is to edit incoming articles and then include them into the
    next issue.

    The first three or four years as editor, I produced a lot of articles
    all by myself. Just check it out if you don't believe me (January 2002
    to circa 2005).

    But then a handful of Z1 sysops started their "defame that effin
    Z2 editor and return the editorship to Z1" campaign and suddenly I
    started to lose my interest as the main -- to the point of the only
    -- contributor.

    A lot of contributors to, sometimes very large messages here an in
    the FIDONEWS echo, could just as well have made their contributions
    to the Fidonews. But that almost never happens. Almost all of the
    contributions the last decade has been from just two Z2 sysops: Ward
    Dossche and Michiel van der Vlist.

    How do you figure that? Are you a gimme-gimme kind of person or are
    you a lemme-lemme kind of person. And that question goes for every
    present Fidonet member!

    -=end quote=-

    Here are a few of my own comments -

    Holger was referring mainly to Frank Vest, who did write quite
    a few articles of his own during his tenure as editor of the Fidonews.
    All of his articles are available to be read by anyone and everyone,
    as the Fidonews is archived and can easily be found by a quick search
    on google.

    Other editors have also written articles, including Björn. But as
    Björn wrote in his own defense, that is not the main job of an editor.
    Writing articles is an option, but nothing mandatory. Some editors
    like to write articles, others don't. That is not, and should not be,
    the issue.

    Perhaps Holger is a fan of Analog Science Fiction magazine. If so,
    that might explain his misgivings about the current editor's aversion
    to writing articles in the Fidonews. You see, the current editor of
    Analog Science Fiction magazine has that very same malady. To date,
    he has only written one article to his credit. All the other articles
    have been written by "guests". Of course, the current editor is a
    youngster and may not have the time to write much, quite unlike the
    previous editor, who was an old fart writing virtually every article
    that was ever published.

    Be that as it may, I am taking up Björn's challenge to us all by
    writing a science fiction epic to be told only in the hallowed pages
    of the Fidonews. Of course, this will have to be done in serialized
    form, as it is much too long a story to be told in one issue ...


    Pussy grabs back!

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  • From Bjrn Felten@2:203/2 to Lee Lofaso on Sun Apr 23 21:28:54 2017
    Holger was referring mainly to Frank Vest, who did write quite
    a few articles of his own during his tenure as editor of the Fidonews.

    I doubt that Holger even knows who Frank Vest is. Frank could only stand it as editor for nine months. Very much the same as most of his previous colleagues. I wrote editorials as well as ordinary articles for some four years.

    But somehow nobody seem to remember that -- so, can you blame me for not keeping up all that writing effort? I'm not even a native English speaker...


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