• Like a Virgin

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    Hello Everybody,

    I hope all have enjoyed their Christmas,
    and are looking forward to the New Year and
    what it hopes to bring.

    We are all familiar with the story of the
    virgin birth, how a child named Jesus came
    into being. But how many have asked the
    question if Jesus was a virgin?

    The story of his mother was that not only
    did she become preggers while still a virgin,
    but that she remained a virgin throughout her
    life, including after she had given birth to
    her child.

    The story continues that Jesus was a single
    guy, never married, and began his public
    ministry while in his thirties, and then put
    to the cross and hung out to dry, without
    ever knowing the pleasures of a woman.

    How many thirty-year-old virgins do you know?
    The average age of a woman having sex for the
    very first time is age fifteen. At least in
    the US of A. Not sure what it is elsewhere.
    Probably much younger, especially in third
    world countries like Palestine. And as for
    guys? Why, as soon as they can get a rise.

    What do you think Roman soldiers did to their
    prisoners? They probably treated their slaves
    pretty well, as slaves had some [limited] value
    and could be of service [to somebody]. But
    what value were prisoners to Roman soldiers?
    How could Roman soldiers benefit, except to have
    pleasure at the prisoners' expense?

    If Jesus was a woman, it is easy to figure out
    what kind of pleasure that Roman soldiers would
    have had. If Jesus was a man, it would have been
    a far different kind of pleasure. But I doubt
    that Roman soldiers would have had the chance
    if Jesus was a man, given what the Jewish priests
    would have done to him first.

    Anyway, the story of Mary the Perpetual Virgin,
    plus Jesus the Perpetual Virgin, always the same
    story told by the same people in the same books
    year after year after year, clearly makes no sense.

    Man is a sexual being. Sex defines who and what
    he is. Men (and women) can never attain true freedom
    for themselves until they accept who and what they are.
    Religious and non-religious people alike have studied
    the gospels and tried to understand what it all means.
    But none of them has found the answer, even after
    searching for two millennia.

    And yet Jesus had given the answer in one short sentence -

    "Love one another as I have loved you."

    Who was Jesus speaking to? A room full of guys, all
    breaking bread with the one who spoke to them.

    If Jesus was gay, it would have been death by stoning.

    But if Jesus was a woman ...


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