• Sabena and KLM

    From Ward Dossche@1:2320/100 to All on Mon Sep 28 22:36:02 2015
    This happened one day in Barcelona, a long time ago:

    - SN: KLM holding number four, please come up on Unicom
    - no response
    - SN: KLM holding number three, please come up on Unicom.
    - still no response.
    - SN: Tower, please tell KLM ahead of us to come up on Unicom.
    - KLM: Tower, please tell SABENA that the professionals at KLM Royal Dutch
    Airlines don't use discreet frequencies when they should be monitoring the
    - SABENA: OK, Tower, but can you please tell the professionals at KLM Royal
    Dutch Airlines that their gear pins are still in place?
    - KLM: Tower, KLM 3030 needs to return to gate.

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