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    Hello Arelor!

    ** On Saturday 17.07.21 - 08:04, Arelor wrote to Ogg:

    What about the prequel, Fire & Blood ?

    That sounds like a good backstory to the rise and fall of
    House Targaryen

    Apparently.. there is a Fire & Blood (Part TWO) planned as
    well. :(

    I am still trying to read the books I already have at home,
    which belong to series which have already been concluded.

    With so many books up there, it is not worth it to start
    reading a series that they may never finish, unless each
    story is self-concluding.

    I see the Fire & Blood (prequel to the Song of Ice and Fire) as
    a good backstory (the events that started everything) even
    though I may be unable to finish the main story-line until GRRM
    comes out with book 6 + 7. F&B is basically the imaginings of
    the Tragaryean family history ..and the dragons when they
    occupied the skies! That's kind of a good story on its own.

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